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how do you handle it when no records are found ? Right now it just returns a blank screen… I would like a way to display a no records could be found message across the table. is this possible ?


It is possible, But It need to upgrade.

try full-server.html, cannot connect to db. execute imdb.php, all data from table imdb-top-250 show up but no style. can you send me full-server.php?


I have tested it, It is working with no error,

Please sen me the error screenshots via email (


I bought it to load XML; however, JQuery Table only works with non-standard xml format. Check well before buying.

You Sortable Table look really great for my project. However, I would need it to be able to only data from last month or data for this month from a time stamp of when each data was added to the database. Can you help me custom


can you possibly upgrade the plugin or is there already a way to initially load the table with variable conditions? this would be so helpful for 2 scenarios where we’re using this in our CMS.

the first is for a search results page. we provide a global search input on every page of the system. on the results page we’ve been loading the table once and then programmatically applying the supplied search term filter and reloading the table instantly. it “works” obviously but it’s lame having to double query the server and load for the user.

the second use is for dynamically drilling into the details of email marketing campaigns, where each campaign is made up of multiple email templates. on the first click, i’d like to just go straight to the specified campaign by providing its unique ID. just like i describe above, i’m having to run the table (hidden) on page load with a fake, static ID, then again (shown) for the actual campaign when the user clicks the one to drill into.

i found Jonoton’s comment above and our situation seems very similar but we’re using json on our end and all my efforts to figure it out have failed.

thanks for any help you can provide. after some major modifications, this plugin has turned into a very integral part of our system, being used in many areas and ways to make the system great.


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