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So, I use this in addition to my form fields? Or, does this take a 2d array and populate the table?

You use it in your form fields.


Can you provide a php example that shows how the column contents can be inserted and/or updated using mysql?

If so, this looks really handy. Thanks

something like this? not sure if I understand your question

<?php $sql = “select field from table where 1”; $res = mysql_query($SQL); while($row = mysql_fetch_row($res)){ echo “”; echo “”; echo “”; } ?>
Column 1

screenshots of ‘dynamized’ tables might be nice.

Hi, you have fully functional examples at the demo

Nice one, just what I needed? thanks.


How do I create a form to send to my email?

Hi! you need to send the information from the table to your email account?

Yes, I want use it as a order form.

Maybe something like:


if($_POST){ $body = ’’; foreach((array) _post(column1) as ){ $body .= “Some var: ”. _post_array_next(‘column1’); $body .= “Other var: ”. _post_array_next(‘column2’); } } mail ( $to , $subject , $body);

Hi, would it be possible to dynamically alter the contents of dropdown list two depending on the selection made with dropdown one? Eg, if the user selects manufacturer 1 in dropdown one then only that manufacturer’s items listed in dropdown 2?

Hello. I think this is possible, but that´s not the idea of this script. Maybe you can make this with JQuery.

Does it supports only one instance (table) per page?
Thank you

no it doesn’t. Thank you

Ur script is good but it’s not validation fo form ????
Example: If any field of form empty or not valid so show error .

No, but you can try with jQueryValidator. Thank you

Would be great if you could add some more options to it. particulary a success function or complete function.. so i can reinitialize other libraries.

great thank you for your comment

Is it possible that all new dinamicly generated input fields would be clear ( now thay clone 1st row inserted value)


after line 19 var newRow = table.find( .... // clone the node


newRow.find(“input[type=text], textarea”).val(””);

thank you for your comment

Just want to double check – does this work with all HTML form inputs? Want to use it with a file upload input. Thanks

Hi, I’m not sure I understan your question. Can you please elaborate?

Any way to add 5 lines instead of one?

Sorry for teh delay, let me look into this

Thinking about buying it, but the live – preview does not work :-/

its amazing work mate