Discussion on JQuery Stack Banner Slideshow with Captions

Discussion on JQuery Stack Banner Slideshow with Captions

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Hello, I would like to display all the images of a directory with your slide but it does not work do you have an idea?


Currently such option is not included. We could customize the code on freelance basis if you are interested.

If you have any more questions, note that support is provided here:


click the album’s photo always show the last one, NOT FIRST photo!! how to modify it?? thanks. (old -> new)


Slides are listed in the order they appear in html, so if you want front to back, list your slides in reverse.


If you just want thumbnail to be at the beginning, you could just move html for the first thumbnail at the end ( div class=”sg-thumb” )

Hello, I purchased your jquery stack banner slideshow plugin. In the help folder (help.html file), it says to open the index.html file and copy data for the header and body to use the plugin.

There is no index.html file in the plugin files. Could you please tell me where to find the header and body information that I need to copy into my site? It looks like I am missing a file. Thanks.


This refers to the any demo page that is included, for example index_horizontalLeft.html or whatever you use.



Does it supports presentation of different photo sizes and/or orientation? eg Landscape and Portrait images mixed.

Thank you


No, slides are same sizes. We will add different slide option in future updates.

How to put the slider in a specific location ? I need to use the slider within a specific DIV. Thanks.


Just put all slider html into your div.

I put , but did not work out.

Following the demonstration:

The slider is always in the middle of the screen, never gets into the desired location.

Sorry for my English , I ‘m not very good in English. I am Brazilian and I speak Portuguese.

That is because css on slider div is making is 100% size, and your parent div has no css. You should shrink the size of your parent div.

Hello, how are you. I am having some difficulty installing this slideshow with captions plugin. I unzipped file and attempted to open several of the html files in the _deploy directory and got a blank screen. Upon firebug inspection, I saw following error: Uncaught ReferenceError: isIEbelow9 is not defined. I have tried various other things to get this working but no luck so far. I have read and attempted to follow help file but perhaps I am missing something. Any additional clarifications, or details in step by step installation process, etc. might be helpful. I assumed I could use the demo html files in _deploy right out of box but perhaps I am missing something here.


Please contact us through the contact form in our profile page:

Is it possible to place the caption in a div or section out side the picture?


Yes but may require changing some css if slide has overflow hidden.

Can I change the direction of the photos to go to the bottom instead off the top (it covers up the text above it)?

I saw in another copy you said we could control how far it moved away from the photo stack in the jquery script. Can you be specific as to where that can be changed? (I don’t know jquery).



There are 4 slide directions which can be changed in settings: horizontalLeft, horizontalRight, verticalAbove, verticalRound

You can increase how far the slide moves outside by modifying this function in stackGallery file:

function getSlideSize(){
        var div = $(playlistArr[0]);//to do: make slide diferrent size
            verticalValue = div.outerHeight() + 100;//aproximations
            horizontalValue = div.outerWidth() + 50;
            verticalValue = div.outerHeight()+ 10;
            horizontalValue = div.outerWidth()+ 5;

Ok great…I found that code. So if I want it to not move very far from the stack would I change the +100 to +20 or something like that? It doesn’t appear to be changing, so I want to make sure I understand it correctly. Thanks for your quick response!

You have to make a change and replace the minified js file from deploy folder.

Hi, I am interested in this beautiful stack photo slideshow but I am wondering if it is possible to use it as a frontpage slideshow in a joomla template?

Thanks in advance


No, this is not for joomla, its jquery plugin.

Hi, I found you have a lot of slide script. What I just ask in other comment.

We hope to display the Google calendar page on one of slide. Can we insert Google calendar in the slideshow?

Hope it can do it. Thanks!


If the calendar is html markup then I believe it could work.


want to buy this plugin, but have few questions. Is it possible to add fade effect on item which goes under the stack? Is it possible to make item which goes under that stack not to go this far away (we just don’t have enough space for it, so it should fade out and move to stack much early).

King Regards, Alex.


You could do these changes if you know jquery. You could change how much the item goes out before coming back behind again. Also add the opacity if desired.

Hi, Is it possible to stop the auto rotate once you get to the last slide?



There is a public api available to toggle slideshow. You can detect last slide by yourself or add a method to do this automatically.

Hi Slide show seems to be positioned relative to body element no matter if you put it inside a div. Is there a way to position the slide show relative to a div, in order to make the slide-show change size and position if the div changes? regards


Slideshow it already wrapped in a div #componentWrapper. You can wrap all this in another div and position that.

Thanks! Worked fine.

Getting an error…

event.returnValue is deprecated. Please use the standard event.preventDefault() instead.

Not sure what to do.

Is it because I’m using a Muse theme maybe?

Good news! I have it mostly working…it just gets stuck now. Happens on the first slide it gets stuck on the right side and the slider won’t play. Any suggestions? I know it’s in my script somewhere, because when I run just your index files they work fine. Thank you for the quick response earlier, hoping to finish this up for a client tonight.

Ok I found the problem. Muse was calling the same jquery 1.3 (and other) files again later on in the script. Now I’m good!

Is it possible to set this to auto-play?


Yes, look in html demo page you for this:

/* slideshowOn: true/false */

Would love to see a WordPress plugin version of this. :-)

Hi and thanks for the interest!

Maybe in the future, cant promise anything.

looking to do something much like this on a site i’m working on. Question though- If i wanted to create a set of thumbnails below the stack, could i control the stack only by clicking on the representative thumbnail and remove all other control options? I dont want any forward/back arrows, etc, only to be controlled by clicking on the thumbs


You can remove controls by deleting them from the dom. If you have any problems just send me an email.

Simply can’t get it to work :-( Have it on Wordpress and it won’t upload there. Have followed the instructions in the help-file but can’t get it to work through Filezilla either.



This is jquery plugin, so its not meant to be used for wordpress.

Hi! Thanks so much for the script, it’s awesome. I’m trying to replace the “next” and “previous” controls with custom arrow images. I edited the img tags in the main html file (eg. changed src=”data/icons/next.png” to src=”data/icons/custom_next.png”) and that worked fine, but I can’t find where to replace the grey “next_on.png” and “prev_on.png”. Even tried changing my custom icon file names to match (and deleted the old ones) but that somehow didn’t work. Still grey when I hover over the control. Where should I be looking?

Thank you!! Katie


Look in this file jquery.stackGallery.js for these png icons.

Ahh perfect! Thanks for the fast response:)!

Product looks awesome and thinking of purchasing but do not understand a few things… 1. If I have photos and videos on my server, how do I add them to the player? is there an xml file or something? 2. Can I embed the player via iframe into a wordpress page? 3. This appears to allow video and photos into the same slideshow. What formats are supported for both? 4. I assume that you can mix match the photo sizes? and it will work or do they all need to be the exact same? photo 1 600×400 / photo 2 320×240…does it stretch or crop images based on the slideshow config size? what would happen if the images weren’t exactly the same size? 5. In the description it states…”Any HTML Element”...what does this mean?


1. You use html markup to add videos and photos inside (look in the page source for more details if you want)

2. Yes, you can always embed it via iframe into wordpress.

3. It supports all image formats you would normally use like jpg, jpeg, png, gif, etc and for video and images that open in popup it uses prettyphoto so it supports everything that prettyphoto supports:

4. photos in stack need to be the same size but photos in popup can be any size.

5. it means you can add html elements in stack like text caption for example or anything else which is html related.


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