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Hello, you can adjust the timing of the update of the time line? the Time-Line moment appears with one day delay only.

And you can align the text anyway. Spaces, etc. Currently the text is updated in one.

Thanks Stefan

If you want you can change cache setting in socialmix/php/settings.php enable/disable cache and set cache duration. For example you can use the following configuration :
$use_cache = true;
$cache_time_seconds= 60;

For changing text alignment, font, spaces, my advice is modify the skin css because is smaller and easier. Or if you want you can create your own skin by creating a new css.

Regards, ADT

Hello, I would like to know if it’s possible to update the view with a custom json as data source. I mean updating in real time the timeline when new elements are coming.

I guess it’s not possible yet, but if can you just give me quick tip on socialmix.js, I’d like to know which part of the code I can update to render a streaming-ajax JSON during time.

Thanks !

At this moment the plugin does not have a real-time feature, if you want you can try to modify source code to achieve a auto aupdate every x seconds. You can start modifyng “socialmix/src/js/socialmix.js” the loadFeed function , you can modify this function o try to call it every x seconds …

This feature is very interesting if you want more help write me private message and we can start a conversation about this topic.

Regards ADT

I install the script but i recive: facebook Error . Please check API-KEY in your settings file. Make sure the facebook api key is a valid API-KEY

Have you set your api-key in the settings.php ?


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thks for your plugin.. From my last update (19/11) : the png files were wrongs… I’ve used those from my backup.

How to have two differents feeds in two differents places in my html page ?

Multiple timeline is not supported. What is the problem with png ? Can you send me more detail or a demos link? Write me in private

Hello, Please let me know why the timeline is suddenly no longer displayed. https://www.mennekrather.de/

Until yesterday this ran flawlessly.

Two weeks ago I changed the website from http to https. Timeline was optimized. Today it is no longer loaded?

Where is the mistake? Thank you.


I have uploaded the new version with the fix . You will recive a notification from Envato when its approved. Just replace socialmix/js/socialmix.min.js

Regards, ADT

Thanks for the information. When is the corrected version available? How long does the approval take?

Regards Stefan


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hey, would it also be possible to include a soundcloud feed?


Suloo Purchased

yea no luck with php 5.6.27. Neither with mamp nor online with apache. Also i enabled error reporting in get_data.php but it still just says “invalid request !!”


Suloo Purchased

seems like an issue with the paths, your demos are working fine. Will investigate further.


Suloo Purchased

got it working now! :) nice stuff!


Suloo Purchased

Also another error i do get is: socialmix.js:18 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property ‘options’ of undefined at n.fn.init.$.fn.socialmix (socialmix.js:18) at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (index.html:246) at j (jquery.min.js:2) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery.min.js:2) at Function.ready (jquery.min.js:2) at HTMLDocument.I (jquery.min.js:2)

no idea whats wrong really :/


It is possible to add a function like when a user like/share a post to hide after that(basically I want to know if is a chance to manipulate the “sm-card source-facebook….” generated by socialmix)?

Also I want to add some buttons beside of share buttons.

Thank you!

There is no API to manipulate Cards. If you want you can develop your external function to manipulate cards.


Suloo Purchased


i got everything set up and working correctly with a one column responsive view feeded by facebook. However, the backlink to facebook doesn’t seem to work correctly. It redirects to facebook, but facebook throws an error then. I could send you the link if you want.

Do i have to set something up in the facebook app maybe?

Also the lightbox kinda destroys the design of my homepage, when i click on an image feeded by facebook.

would be great if you could help. thx

I will check the backlink issues. For lightbox maybe you have a conflict with other scripts/css in your page


Suloo Purchased

ok thx, will check if there are conflicts with other scripts. Do you need a link maybe?

As I have more than 300 post to put in timeline I need to put a “Load more” or similar at bottom (each 50, for example). Is it possible? Thanks

Hi, at this moment there is no “load more” fueature. Sorry

Possible to have parameters to select periods ? eg : “from today to the next 5 days” in the html script… in the next version ?

Yes is possible but I don’t know when the next update.

Hello Andrea, I have a question. The Timeline is integrated and works. Only the videos that were posted to Facebook are displayed in the Timeline as a picture only. Can you change it so that a video is displayed on Facebook as video in the timeline?

Regards Stefan

Can I send you the FTP data by e-mail?

Please send me via email or via private message your website url and ftp. Thks

I have sent you data by email.

Hi, I have made no changes to my website, but my stream (with two RSS feeds) suddenly no longer shows up. The Firefox console shows the error “rss Error . Please check API-KEY in your settings file. Make sure the rss api key is a valid API-KEY”.

In Chrome’s console I get: “rss Error . Please check API-KEY in your settings file. Make sure the rss api key is a valid API-KEY socialmix.min.js:7 a.fn.socialmix.j.B:

I have uploaded the latest version of Socialmix and still get the same error. What could be causing this? Thanks.

All RSS feed stopped working a few days ago because google feed API stopped working.

I’m finding a good and free alternative to Google Feed Api, in a few day I’ll do a new release with the fix.

Sorry for the inconvenient. ADT.

Hi I bought timeline but I’m still struggle with API-key . I already set up my API key (turn active green dot ) in my Facebook and install script but no feed show up and something is wrong with it? Can u send me more info about API- key install into script and HTML ? Thank you

Send me a private message with a link to your demo(website) and I will check it.

I can’t find: ./assets/jquery.min.js

How much it cost customs installation?

I have got it to run demos, but I don’t know how can I integrate in my own pages

Right now I’m very busy. I’m not available as freelance. If you want send me an email via private message and I can try to help you. (I speak spanish)

Regards ADT


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Hello, i try it for hours… I put the demo files in it for test, also not work. The demo files in de demo do not work (original files), so i do not know where to look. I follow the documentation.

Can you please help me start up? Just custom. This is my html: https://www.gasschande.nl/timeline2017/

You get an error $(...).socialmix is not a function

because you are not loading all files. You need to include socialmix.min.js. If you look at “Network” tab in chrome console you can see that only socialmin.min.css is loading.

Please see documentation for correct installation

Hello, I would like to know if it’s possible to update timeline with latest feeds?when we use feed type as custom json data. i mean i need to update timeline with latest feed data without refresh the entire page

This option is not implemented.


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Subject: Timeline Video Facebook


You know what it can be that the videos are not displayed directly! Only when you refresh the page again, the video is displayed. Before you see only one white side (like a white bar)?

There is for this problem a solution one can adjust.

Regards Stefan

Facebook video is working well, please see demos. You need to add it two times. One in settings.php and another in your html.

var options{
facebookAppId: "YOUR-FACEBOOK-APP-ID",

Did you tried it ?


Bassmann Purchased

I’ve entered everything, but the videos Google Chrome does not load the videos. There remains a white bar?!?

Only if you update the page several times comes the video at some time, but then the user is gone.

Your case is very complex :) I will send you an email to check a few things.