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Hello, can you confirm that the latest version doesn’t use any outside services needed to function? I’m an owner of an older version which died, and I believe it was a version which used google for some form of RSS parsing.

I’m willing to do the upgrade myself, but I would like to ensure that the version I upgrade to (The current version as of this posting) isn’t relying on any outside service that is needed to make the script work?

I understand it’s built on javascript and jquery, but am more directly asking about an online service, where if it were shutdown, or changed, my social stream would stop working.

Can you please confirm this?

Thank you.


The latest version of the plugin no longer uses the Google feed api to read RSS feeds. It now does this directly via the php script provided in the plugin files. The plugin no longer relies on 3rd party Apis, only the api direct from each social network

Hi, I just try to implement this plugin in my website. There are a couple thing i don’t find in the documentation. 1. is it posibble to change the filter icon to text? 2. what if i want to target some specific # in instagram?


1. The filter uses font icons, which are automatically generated based on the social network name. It is not possible to change to text without modifying the plugin code.

2. The plugin can show instagram hashtag feeds but you will need an access token that has been approved by instagram and not in sandbox mode

Hi, designchemical

Solve the filter from icon to text, but have another problem with the social wall. I try to add some widget for example the spotify. I try 2 configuration in the css: 1. position absolute for the widget, but the widget overlap the social wall 2. display inline-block, float left, but the widget behind the social wall Is there any setting for this kind of problem?

This is not actually a social stream issue. This would be related to your page coding. Only thing a I can suggest is to make sure you clear the float after your widget.

Please, add (vkontakte) to this plugin. It is the most popular social media in Russia and in CIS. And I really need it. Your plugin is awesome. Thanks.


Thanks for the feedback. At this time there are no plans to add vk but we can certainly take a look for a possible future update.

I can help with developing. Or I can pay to you for this developing additional for your plugin. I really need it.

Thanks for the offer. Should we decide to add I will let you know.

Social Stream not working. Any help appreciated. Thanks!

Getting the following error:


isotope not initialized. Cannot call methods, i.e. $().isotope(“layout”)

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Please see reply we sent to your email yesterday:

2nd stream your playlist id is invalid – PLhbKLGXaooYrVqb-1CNcCejKmPZyQVB9x

On all others you have the stream set to show the last 5 days of posts. your latest post was 1 year ago. Either increase the number of days or set the stream to show the last x number of posts.

I have resent a copy of the email