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Help, pinterest does not work !!!


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Hello again hope all is well!! Im having a problem loading up the page and when I do inspect element this is what I get….

Using //@ to indicate sourceMappingURL pragmas is deprecated. Use //# instead[Learn More] jquery.min.js:1 TypeError: e is undefined[Learn More] jquery.min.js:4:5189 Use of getPreventDefault() is deprecated. Use defaultPrevented instead. jquery.min.js:5:17101

There are issues with the jquery.min.js page..I didnt want to mess it up by making adjustments so how do get it corrected to load?

Blessings, Timeka


None of these appear to be errors that would prevent the feeds from loading. They are just notices.

If you can send a link to your page via the contact form on our profile page we will check your code:

Sorry to be a nag but I made a tad bit of progress: I got a notice saying that it was creating a stream..however Im still having issue with the js lol. Here is what I got when I did the inspect element:

TypeError: jQuery.ajax is not a function[Learn More] TypeError: jQuery(...).css(...).show(...).fadeTo is not a function[Learn More]

Errors within the plugin do I resolve this please?

Blessings, Timeka

Please see email reply

Hi, I’m interested in the product. This PHP script works for use in different domains?


The PHP file would need to be located on the same domain/sub-domain as the social stream

feedburner stop working. :( ... i get : 500 (Internal Server Error) jquery.min.js:4 ?


This is a server error. You need to check your server error logs

thanks for you reply.. No error log. The problem is with the sidebar, only have problem with that, wall mode, working fine….note that that your demo (sidebar) rss does not work either :(

If its returning a 500 internal server error it should be logged by your server. If you can send a link to your page via the contact form on our profile page we can take a look:

It seems something has changed just in the last week or two, I’m going to assume with the Instagram API as we noticed this week that it is no longer pulling any of our Instagram posts onto our websites. When we inspect the console, there is an error coming from the JS file,

“Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined at Function.each (jquery.min.js:2) at Object.success (”

To be clear, your demo page for this plugin, “FULL PAGE RESPONSIVE NETWORK WALL WITH INSTAGRAM SEARCH” is showing the same error in the console as on our site,

“Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined at Function.each (jquery.js?ver=1.3.2:2) at Object.success (”

Any idea what is going on and if you are planning on pushing out an update so Instagram can work again?


You are using a very old version of the plugin. Update to version 1.6.2 and recreate your access token

Hi, can i suggest to add a check on all “section” to verify if is empty or not, to show only section with content… (line 844 to 877 version 1.6.2)


Thanks for the feedback. Not sure why this would be required though as the data returned for each section will always be correct for the relevant network.Are you seeing a problem?


no problem, but if the section have padding and no contenta does not display very well. :)

Understood thanks. We can take a look at this for a future update


I would like to display only Facebook Group feed. However it’s does not showing the feed at all. Could you please advise?

Note: Facebook API Credentials already done

$(document).ready(function($) { $(’#social-stream’).dcSocialStream({ feeds: { facebook: { id: ‘0000000000000’, //fb group id intro: ‘Posted to wall’, out: ‘intro,thumb,text,user,share’, url: ‘facebook.php’ } },

Many thanks,


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is it possible to keep the user on the site? embed content


You can set the link to open in new windows so it wont close the current tab

i want them to remain on the site. this is like an adult tgp site. it’s just links and pics.

Hi… The social stream of facebook is showing both the official posts of the page, but also is showing visitor posts, inclusive, with images (like memes, other images posted by the page visitors in response to the official posts of the page). How can I prevent this to occour?


You can use the “feed” option to set it to only show posts made by the page admin:

feed: 'posts', 

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Question : This could work with MySQL call, like $(document).ready(function($){ $('#social-stream').dcSocialStream({ facebook: { id: '<?php echo $fbInfo['fbinfo'];?>' }, i mean, use php echo to call the id from DB instead of plain id …5545454

Is this possible?

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Yes it is possible to generate the jquery code dynamically using PHP

Hello, is there a way to exclude specific hashtags from Twitter stream? Thank you!