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Dear author… could you please help me… 1. Im always getting the first publications in facebook timeline, from dazzed marketing add. This has nothing to do with my profile.

2. There is an issue after updating into lattes versiont, with the size of the icons and the box container of all tabs.
I belive the .tab-content style is messing with other styles inside my site… any way to completly isolate the css file from the entire site?
Please see this image:



1. You can set the facebook feed to only show posts made by your page admin as opposed to including posts made to your page by visitors using the feed option – e.g:

feed: 'posts'

2. From the image it looks like your site is interfering with the tabs. Try adding the following css:

.dcsmt * { 
    -webkit-box-sizing: content-box!important;
    -moz-box-sizing: content-box!important; 
    box-sizing: content-box!important; 

If you still have problems please send a link to your page via the contact form on our profile page:

It works just great.. thanks a lot. Keep up the good work and new updates. Regards.


Do you have updated version of Social Media tabs plugin with Instagram? Instagram feed is not working anymore please advise.

No demo currently online with the updated version but I can confirm it does work with Instagram. The plugin uses the same code as our Jquery social stream plugin, which you can see with working Instagram feed:

Are you talking about same plugin Jquery Social Tabs? We need Social tabs plugin not Jquery Social stream..

Yes I was also talking about Jquery social tabs plugin

I like the script. Is it easy to hide-show in responsive?. Like to put just one button to display. Thanks

The problem I see in youtube is that your instructions seems to be old

I have got ID client and API key, but don’t show. May be I can’t get youtubeid. I only have the link I’ve try with other account that I manage and it is all ok.

Please send a link to your page via the contact form on our profile page:

I see in RSS an error: Error. This API is no longer available.

I have done. All seems to be ok, except I see, in RSS: title and bottom of title I see (in all items): “null”. What must I change?. What kind of information must show in this place?. I can’t analize it in your demo because there appears still error “Error. This API is no longer available.”

I see also link to my new is empty

I also see that now twitter is empty

please send a link to your page via the contact form on our profile page:

Hello, I saw your demo, I found Pinterest not working(Error. This API is no longer available.), Is there a way to get it working. Its Social Stream product works. Thanks!


Yes it is working in the latest version. The demo page has not yet been updated

Please update demo. I want to see this in action. Some API’s are not working.


We will update soon. I can confirm though that the latest version has pinterest, facebook and rss working

Hello. I get “Error. This API is no longer available.” in Pinterest on 1.7.4 version. On 1.7.5 version there are no errors but there is no feed also, just a white tab for Pinterest. Also on 1.7.5 Twitter feeds are not showing and there are no errors, when on 1.7.4 version Twitter works just fine. Please help. We use your plugin across multiple websites and would really appreciate it if we could fix it asap. Thank you!


The latest version has been updated for Pinterest. Please send a link to your page via the contact form on our profile page and we will check your settings:

Hello again. How can I put in middle of top?, like this image:

2 errors appears in Inspector when clic in twitter and youtube:

.controls {display:block!important;}

2 errors appears in Inspector when clic in twitter and youtube:


I have updated your script, but still get error in rss

I try with:

                rss: {
                    url: '<?=base_url()?>rss.php'

the url option is the url for your rss.php file. According to your link above you are not using a valid url. Please send a link to your social tabs page via the contact form on our profile page:

Hi. Interested to buy but there seems to be an Error with Facebook tabs. Will it be fixed anytime soon?


Yes the latest version available for download via codecanyon uses the new facebook code

Pinterest doesn’t seem to work in the latest version still. I have pinterest: { url: ‘rss.php’ } but still get invalid api error. Did anyone solve it?


Please send a link to your page via the contact form on our profile page and we will check your settings:

Hi Author,

Facing some problems below: 1- Problems with using instagram feeds. By clicking the instagam tab it redirects to the instagram page with error “”

2- we need to display the linkedin feeds data from company profile. Please assist or give the demo of it.

3- we need only three tabs of social feeds. i.e Twitter, Instagram and linkedin. when we remove other tabs its gives the error of of jquery. i.e ”...caught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘limit’ of undefined”

                    method: 'static',
                    width: 450,
                    height: 600,
                    rotate: {
                        delay: 8000,
                        direction: 'down'
                    widgets: 'instagram,twitter,linkedin',                        
                    twitterId: 'masood47614908',                        
                    linkedinId: '648760,',
                    instagramId: 'fd639a836da147fa84f0733c4082f501',
                    start: 5,
        twitter: {
            thumb: true

Please help urgently.

According to your profile you have not purchased this plugin. Please send a copy of the license purchase code via the contact form on our profile page:

Hi designchemical,

Purchase license code sent via contact form.


I got this but it is not working. I can not install it on my wordpress website.


This is not a wordpress plugin. You need to purchase the wordpress version:

hi im unable to get the fb twitter insta feed working-ive messaged u using the contact form-need a reply asap-ive bought the plugin already and need the website to go live-please help no reply yet—thank you!

See email reply

Hi. Will this item supported or updated anymore? It seems that facebook and google stream is not working anymore. Trying since 1 hour to integrate instagram but everything is newer than in the description.


Yes the plugin is supported. Glad you got it working

But Instagram won’t work. I don’t know why. I have my client if, i have my access token. I have tried response url with localist or my domain. There is no stream.

Please send a link to your page via the contact for on our profile page: