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nice design. willing to buy it. some pre-sales questions :

1.Could you kindly tell me the size of css and js files that are used for this plugin, non minified versions? 2. I am using jquery 2+, in that case the plugin will not support IE8 (as JQuery 2 does not support older IE browsers), in that case can you help me if I can hide the plugin in case when user is using IE8?

Css file – 3 Kb Js file – 17 kb

2.Use HTML conditional comment to prevent ie8 from using plugin like this

<!-[if gt IE 8]><!-> <script src=”jquery.ribbon.js”></script> <[endif]—>

Now script will only work for ie with greater version of 8

avoid strike on comment as envato add it automatically

Do you have a better markup for this code?

Where in the code you are having problem?

What parameters i can use.with this code

Look at live on every element to see code of specific also look into full explanation given of every possible options and use with this plugin

I’ve bought this plugin and am looking to add it to the popular Avada Wordpress theme as a customization.

I'm using the child theme and have uploaded the js file and the css properly.

The one thing I’m stuck at is whether to make the call directly from the head via <script>, or on the other hand if I should write a function to call the jquery in functions php.

I have the relative paths. I’m looking for a way to get this working ASAP should be an easy fix.

Many thanks!

Frankly speaking I really have no idea how to call JS plugin in WordPress. But I heard that it’s quite easy fix.I am sorry but I can’t help you on this.:(

Is this wordpress plugin? how to use it? please help me

No it is not WordPress plugin

Hi, I cant see the demos?

Good, I can explain a bit more fully: We have a masonry style wall with images. So i don’t know things like width and heights, it must be derived from the image. Some plugins requires this info. Essentially I only have:

and wants to put a test over it, like: “New!”. How would the syntax be for this?

May i know What kind of ribbon you want? Many designs are showed in live preview.You just need to click the box and you can see the code.

Now I can see the demos, with Safari on OS X. i can’t see the demos in Firefox on OS X actually.

Hello I just purchased your product and there is no Documentation. Where is it at ? Thank you

I came to notice that live preview is not working.I updated the live preview which will be active after review. Because it will take time I will mail you live preview which contains documentation as well

Thank you for your support on this matter. ^5


I have a few questions. I really like your ribbon js. I want to buy it so I have a few questions.

1-) Can I stick it to the document ? I mean not a specific div I want it to show it on the top left even user scroll the document ?

2-) I think I can change the background color. So Can I also change font size type and color ?

Thanks in advance.

1) NO 2) YES

Thanks for your answers. I just bought the item a few minutes ago. So My questions are 1-) I couldn’t see on the demo that how to change the font dynamically (with js) 2-) Is there any method (like $(X).remove-ribbon();) to remove the ribbon or should I do it manually ?


I bought the ribbon.js recently. I noticed that there are two small bugs :

B1-) in IE 11, Badge Ribbon text doesn’t show properly even on the demo page B2-) If I use space char instead of   ribbons doesn’t work properly. So I can use   but allowing to use space char could be better.

And my 2 question :

Q1-) Is there any functions that I can remove the ribbon. (something like $( #X ).remove-ribbon

Q2-) How can I change the font with js dynamically. (without changing standart css). Is there something like $( x ).ribbon({ font-color : “gray”,font-family : ‘sans-serif’ )

Thanks in Advance.

1) I have fixed that bug 2)No you have to use html entities for no-breakable space 3)No 4)like this “font:25px cambria”

I’ve mailed you updated file as it will take time on this site for approval.

plz check preview

Hi, Thanks for your fast Reply. I coludn’t see the email in inbox. preview URL still looks like buggy in IE 11 (so please check the image :

Awesome!! Good luck with sales!