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A couple more examples with different layouts as your image on the detail page would be nice?

You are absolutely right, i will fix better/more examples as soon as possible.

I’v updated the preview webpage showing better demo of how powerful this script can be when working with responsive development. Hope this is what you we’re looking for. Have a nice day! // Toelli

Very nice, will consider purchasing for future projects. GLWS!

Thank you! Please rate / leave feedback if you purchase!

Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thank you! Please rate / leave feedback if you purchase!

Very useful! What is the file size? This is instant, responsive re-arrange with heavy content (any delay)?

compressed version is 2kb, have not tested it on any heavy content site yet (released yesterday) but i will sure look into testing it further and see what kind of improvements i can do to increase performance even more.

would there be any easy way to implement this into Wordpress?

I am tired of having my right sidebar appear after my content. I want it to appear before of my content :/

Hello pleiadene, please link me your wordpress site so i can have a look … the code to implement this is very easy .. if you have access to html of your wordpress template you can just add “data-eqHeight=’sameheight’” to the divs you wish to have same height (for example the sidebar and your content wrapper) .. or you can equalize using javascript. I can help you equalize your content as you want it if you show me your website

ah, what I needed was to move, not similar height :)

oh sorry my bad i thought you were talking about my equalHeight plugin .. responsiveMove is also easy to use… but i still need to see the actual website to tell you the exact responsiveMove code to use for your case

Nice script, but does not seem to be correct in FireFox. Your demo works fine but when I open up the sample index file from the download in FireFox, it does not work. Is there something in the sample file that is different than your demo?

Thank you for buying my script! And you are absolutley right i just tested and noticed the example file has some missing css to make it display properly in firefox. I have re-uploaded my script with proper demo and it will take some a few days before they put this update up on this site. You can manually fix this by copying this css: and replace it with your example css (example/css/style.css). Please contact me again if you have further questions/problems with the script.

Envato has now accepted my updated version, if you download the script again the demo should work as expected in firefox.

great work mate. good luck