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Was run after the new update.

Sorry ??

completely solved the problem, emanating from another plugin

Hi Ceasar,

I love your player!! – however it shows only very tiny and the maxwidth has no effect.

Screenshot: http://moritzwinkelmann.com/example.jpg

These are the codes I used:

[youtuberesponsive listtype=”hd nature” listvalue=”PLw3Qi83SDiKne13IrmZeeZYPqhkcbpB0s” showinfo=”false” autohide=”true” theme=”false” modestbranding=”true” allowfullscreen=”true” controls=”true” minwidth=”500px”]

[youtuberesponsive listtype=”hd nature” listvalue=”PLw3Qi83SDiKne13IrmZeeZYPqhkcbpB0s” showinfo=”false” autohide=”true” theme=”false” modestbranding=”false” allowfullscreen=”true” controls=”true” maxwidth=”1000%”]

[youtuberesponsive listtype=”playlist” listvalue=”PLmlOlokCCWI8eOeameRUzyqcTXIxzwlKo” maxwidth=”70%” showinfo=”true” center=”true”]

[youtuberesponsive listtype=”custom” listvalue=”kjF_KtmcZMc”]

This is the playlist I want to embed; PLw3Qi83SDiKne13IrmZeeZYPqhkcbpB0s

Your help will be greatly appreciated!

Fixed. You have to add some text to expand the container or fix the the template with a min-width:640px; to the container div

Thanks a million, Ceasar!!!

Beautiful music by the way. (I am an professional piano tuner http://www.cfpianoservice.nl , so perhaps when you perform in the Netherlands I can tune the grand piano :) )

Gallo Ceasar,

kan het zijn dat hij het niet meer doet? op onze website komen onze video’s niet meer naar voren sinds kort: http://www.bovelander.nl/hockeykampen/videos/

hello, How do I show the thumbnail of each video in a playlist to appear in a horizontal bar (as it appears in this image https://0.s3.envato.com/files/45325705/01_preview.jpg). Please make available the code for this playlist (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDuAmyQC20TLCEgGmb_LvI9O14OZpd00R). Thank you.

Like this http://www.template-responsive.nl/wpdemos/amarshafi/

Youre first question is not possible, this does not exsist anymore and was not availible for wordpress

Sorry wrong example, now the right one http://www.template-responsive.nl/wpdemos/amarshafi/

Does it support Vimeo videos as well as Youtube?

Only youtube video ’s