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Is there anyway to disable the pulldown of the website as well? When I attempt to pull down, half the time I pull the whole webpage down instead of the “list”

This worked perfectly – actually better than I expected when in web-app mode.

Thanks again!

Glad to hear it, let me know if you run in to any other issues.

Sorry, what is this $10 control supposed to do?

Pulling up the “demo” on my iPhone 4 does nothing but what Safari normally does

Pull the list item downwards :)

Is there a way to use this plug-in to pull up from the bottom. Id like to use this to load additonal content and have at the bottom of the page. From teh demo, it appears its only for the top and a swipe down vs a swipe up

This isn’t currently possible, I will look in to adding it in a future version though, thanks for the suggestion.

Can it work on phonegap applications? I’m developing an rss reader for android using phonegap and will be very happy if I can use this function.

I haven’t explicitly tested it on Phonegap, sorry. I’d welcome any feedback from your attempts!

does this work with titanium?

There’s no reason why it shouldn’t. :)

Is there a version of this that doesn’t require jQuery mobile?

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I’ve been away on holiday.

There currently isn’t a version that doesn’t require jQuery Mobile but I’m looking in to removing that requirement in a future update.

I would like to see a version which is not dependent on jQuery mobile. After playing around with jQuery mobile in another project I have decided not to use it again as it is far too heavy on processing the DOM . +1 to see this dependency removed. I’m fine with it being just simply a jQuery plugin, but not jQuery mobile.

Hi I’ve purchased the plugin and I think I implemented everything fine. But the refresh is not happening on my iPhone. Thoughts? http://hushmagazine.ca/ Thanks for any feedback.

The demo link is down

Very good. GLWS :)