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Ok, so I guess I should find something else since they stopped updating and offering support. What a shame

I’d love to use this, but looking at the comments it seems as if this isn’t updated and the author doesn’t respond. Is that correct?

Also, the demo doesn’t seem to work for me.

could you please update this? it doesn’t work..

Dead link on live preview.

What a waste of $6.00. It has a “Submit” button, but guess what? It doesn’t submit. Further, it then sends you to another script the author made which does submit, but the link leads nowhere. Sheesh.

AND envato do nothing… Shame team to.

Hello! how to change the format of the price of $300.00 to $300 ? without tenths. “thousandsSep” don’t work(( thanks


Warning! Plugin works only with version jQuery 1.7.1

It is possible to place decimals? If possible can I put in the format 9.999,99

hi, am i able to style them with bootstrap css?


I am looking for a simple price display code.

Can I have two drop downs ? and when selecting with the mixture of their values it displays the results ?

For Example:

DROP DOWN A with 5 values. - Area 1 - Area 2 - Area 3 - Area 4 - Area 5

DROP DOWN B with 10 values. - London Airport - Heathrow Airport - Luton Airport - Stansted - and so on.

So when user selects Area 4 and from second drop down London Airport, it should display the fare for that.

Is this possible with this ?

Hi, function seems good… the look of it, not so good. are you able and willing at some point to make it look as good and function like something like this?