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very nice, hope many sales :)

Could not see demo in iPad?

What version of iOS?

Lovely plugin! Will buy, but was concerned with the white space below image/slider on smaller browser sizes. If you scale down the browser it shrinks the image within the container and not the whole container.

There is an ongoing update with fixed issue.

Thanks! BEfore I buy, does this have touch/swipe enabled?

No, it doesn’t support touch/swipe functionality, but this could be added in some future update.

iPad is 2 months old so pretty current

Hi this theme not working IE7, IE8 ?

Thanks, it’s fixed.

I’ve purchased quite a few sliders from CodeCanyone, and this is quite possibly the worst I have ever bought. Corners were cut and this slider is a great example of lazy programming.

And which corners are cut, dnic cum?

Hi, I purchased this yesterday. I like it, its just what I needed but I’m also having a problem with a big space being added below the slider on initial loading of the page, its particularly bad on iOS, it resolves itself when you resize the browser window or when you rotate the screen on iOS, not ideal. If I can’t fix this i’ll have to use another slider. What can I change in the code to stop this happening? thanks in advance.

Hi,from your explanation I understand you want the image to expand to the height of the browser window, right? The slider is constructed to expand the image to the width of the browser window and image height is set to auto. By this method the aspect ratio of the image remain unchanged. You have 2 choices : use bigger images or to make height of the image 100%(which will change the aspect ratio of the image). I hope that info will help you. Best regards, Daniel.

thanks for the reply. no, i dont want it browser height, its exactly as i explained… when the page loads, the slider adds a large space underneath itself, the same issue as aaronmarquez (above comment), it happens in safari, firefox, chrome and iOS, it adds around 50 pixel gap inbewtween itself and the content below it. in iOS the gap is larger, around 200 pixels, your slider is unuseable until you fix the issue, i’ve had to purchase another slider.

Hi, I can help you tommorow with this issue :)

Nice work, GLWS!