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Hey. Bought this Plugin some minutes ago but i can’t add any pictures to the slides. Nothing happens. I am using WP 3.6.1

Many greetings, Marco

Hi, ca n you please describe me more exactly what is happening when you try to upload. Is it working with the already uploaded images in the wordpress media gallery. What theme are you using , and what plugins you have been installed? I will try to reproduce the problem. Best regards, Daniel

Hey! :-)

after i’ve choosen a picture from my media libary the field picture is empty an i can’t see any path of the picture. Same problem with new uploaded pictures.

I am using the following plugins:

Advanced Category Excluder Better WP Security CF Post Formats Image Archives Instagrate Pro Yet Another Related Posts Plugin WordPress SEO Jetpack

Many greetings, Marco

Wait! I’ve found it. After i disable Jetpack it works!

Hi I just purchased your slider, but it is not working. This is our url: Do you have any idea what the problem might be? Hope you can answer me quickly.


Hi, are you using the jQuery Preview Slider in this url? I don’t see the plugin classes in the code. Please contact me on my email for more details :)

Hi sorry for the late reply. The jQuery slider is on the homepage right know. as you can see it is not looking pretty :(

May I know how to make this slider in to full width size slide show on the main page?

What is the shortcode? How do I add to a post or page?

Hi, you can add it in post or page with the following shortcode [previewslider] :)

How do you make the slider full width or at least set the size? Is there nay documentation for this plugin?

Hi, the slider gets the width of it’s parent element. If it’s parent is 960px wide the width of the slider will be 960px. Hope that gives you some direction :)

Just gotta say that I’m really disappointed with this plugin.

It’s usable but I’ll need to really play with the css. Tons of your css is over-riding my css and you have some stuff in there that’s pretty baffling like body {background: #000;} which promptly changed my background color to black. Why would you but a body background color on a plugin?

Why would you hardcode font colors and font families?

Anyways I need to spend a lot time with the css to fix this mess.

I highly don’t recommend this plugin unless you have a good knowledge of css. Just warning everyone. 2 star rating max.

Just an update. This plugin breaks all of the time and is actually one of the worst galleries I’ve ever used. Piece of shit do not buy.

HI How do i add it to my homepage? I dont want to attach it to a post but be on top of the homepage always

Hi, just put <?php echo do_shortcode(“[previewslider]”); ?> in your header.php file :)


where do i put it? if i do i get a blanc page. if i send you the php file can you put it in?

ok, just send it to me on

Is this compatible with custom post types to select a category from?