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Having trouble uploading plugin to Wordpress website. Tried uploading zip file received from Code Canyon. Made “main” folder a zip file and did not work.

Hi, thanks for your comment. But I think you’ve misunderstood this matter. It’s not a wp plugin. You can see here a separate category for wp plugin on codecanyon. But this file is under html(javascript) category. So it’ll not work for wp. Then how can I solve this issue!

Keep going, nice work :)


On a couple pages I would like to just use the styling and functionality of the sub gallery, i.e.: not have to have a person choose a gallery before seeing the items, just have all the items shown as if they had already chosen the gallery they wanted.

Is there a way to do this so when someone clicks on the navigation for an HTML page they see all the items listed on the page and if they click they can expand them?

Thanks, Kelly

There’s no built in feature for it. You can do it manually. Div elements with the class .child-container holds the grid items separately. So you’ll have to work inside of it. Thanks.

The code doesn’t seem to allow me to remove the main “view gallery” button and work only in the child-container for the sub images. When I remove the code before it, the sub gallery doesn’t appear.

Back to gallery <!- Back button ->
    <!- Main grid container having 3 columns ->
  • <!- Grid Item 2 ->
      <!- Subgallery of Grid Item 2 ->
    • Sub gallery item -1 (from Grid item -2 )
    • Sub gallery item -2 (from Grid item -2 )

With some hacking, I managed to figure it out. Thanks.


I noticed when using a touch device such as an iPad or iPhone, the expand of the images function isn’t working so well. You have touch directly on a the bottom of an image for the rollover, description and magnifying glass to appear and the image to expand. Is there a way to expand the touch area so the entire image is responsive?

Also, when the images do expand, the expanded images are loading at a bigger file size than the device (not responsive).


Hi, Please contact me via PM. Thanks.

Hi, I would like to know if you can have a gallery of more than two levels. The demos indicate a structure of.. Categories drilling through to galleries of images. Is it possible to have a hierarchical

    so you can achieve a flow of Categories, to SubCategories to Galleries of Images?

Yes. It’s possible. Follow the help documents. If you fail somewhere, you can contact me via private message. Thanks.