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Is there any way to bring the urls or hyperlinks into the page.

Example: If, in my Google Spreadsheet I have a hyperlink like this: =hyperlink(“www.google.com”;”search the web”)

Then it makes a hyperlink, BUT when you pull that table into a page using this plugin, the hyperlink stops working and only appears as regular text.


I thought about that (and about some similar cases, like =image function). But it seems there is no good solution because Google strips hyperlink data on server side… So, currently only possible solution is to use html tag A HREF inside cells like here: http://enlight.ru/gsj/test1.html (that’s not good, I know).


Thanks for the reply … No problem at all. I can live with using the anchor tag for now.


Feature Request: Add the ability to add “even/odd” to the table rows.

I can sort of do it by adding this to the script: $(“tr:odd”).addClass(“even”); $(“tr:not(.even)”).addClass(“odd”);

It works, but it is not ideal. I would prefer a better method.

Anyway, I like this script!

Could you please explain your request in more detail?

I assume you are talking about adding some classes while generating TRs: ...

tr id=”mytable2-3” class=”mytable2-odd”

tr id=”mytable2-4” class=”mytable2-even”

tr id=”mytable2-5” class=”mytable2-odd”

tr id=”mytable2-6” class=”mytable2-even”

... ?

Yes, to the table rows.

Your script seems to be adding an id to each row in line 206 $(tbodyId).append(‘


Suppose that I wanted to modify this to add “even/odd” to alternating rows.

This would allow me to have a bit more control over styling.

Example: tr.even{background: #525252;} tr.odd{background#808080;}


Is it possible to display content from a spreadsheet that has multiple pages?

For example: When there are more than 1 sheet on a Google Spreadsheet at the very end of the url there is #gid=0 designating the first sheet. #gid=1 for the second sheet #gid=2 for the third sheet etc …

Is it possible to target say the second sheet?


To add more info to my question above:

Lets say I have 8 sheets in my spreadsheet.

If I do this:

Then I get the 3rd sheet of the spreadsheet (Notice the /od4/)

If I do this:

Then I would assume that I should get the 2nd sheet in the spreadsheet. (Notice the /od3/) However, I just get “loading data”

Also, “od6” always shows the first sheet no matter how many sheets the spreadsheet has.

And “od7” always shows sheet 2 no matter how many sheets the spreadsheet has.

Is this a bug in the script or am I doing it wrong?

If you like to work with multiple sheets spreadsheet you need to get URLs for each sheet. For that, go “Detailed HOWTO” in documentation and enter API key to the form field, then click “Get list of URLs”. List of URLs for each sheet will appear below (I get it via request to Google API, see gsjGetSheetsId() in gsj.js for more info)

So, there are no strict correspondence between number of sheet and number after “od” characters..

Have you tried that?

(sorry for delay – I was offline for two weeks)

If you prefer, I can converse via email ….


This script is not working with the new Google Spreadsheets … Will this script be updated soon?



It seems that new version of Google Spreadsheet doesn’t support feed publishing yet. I think we need just wait:


“But, the new version doesn’t yet support the publishing of individual sheets”

Does this only work with public spreadsheets?

No. It is possible to get data from non-public sheets, but it requires much more complex approach, with authorization. So, this script doesn’t support that, sorry.

Does this still work with the latest version of Google?

Please disregard my question. I have already bought the script and am satisfied with it.

Hello, is there a way to not display empty rows using your script? Thanks.

No, sorry. It is only possible to define every required spreadsheet cells to place to exact table cells (like in example4.html).

ok, thank you for your reply, I will try to do things differently.

Great work GL

How do i Use this with the current spreadsheet system? the link format it spits out is different than what is in the file… ie spreadsheets.google.com is now docs.google.com and the strings that follow look like they are formatted differently.

nvm.. figured it out.. now to make it look nice