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OOOOh. That’s clever! Must buy.

What happens with older browsers and this. Sounds ignored? Exception displayed?

Hi, good question. I’ve tested it in IE7 and it breaks. I will update the item with a kind of error handling or maybe with a fall back solution.

is it mobile tablet vs support??

it is html5 so every modern browser from ie10, safari, firefo opera to chrome will play this sounds

Just so you all know. You need to do quite a bit of coding with this “plugin.” It is not a simple plug and play plugin as you may be expecting. Sorry. I paid my $8 dollars to find out I can’t use it because of the need for so much coding. If you CAN code, this may be helpful. Otherwise… for the rest of us, I guess we just need to keep looking.

A detailled documentation is delivered with the plugin. To implement a click sound e.g. you need not more than one line of code. There are other cases more complicated but everything is described in detail. If you having trouble to use it please mail me. It’s not fair to give a bad rating without contacting me first.

I bought the plugin and i must say it works fantastic. Whith a minimal knwoledge of coding it is possible to add sounds in 5 minutes, great. Thank you for this plugin. I rated it with 5 stars!

Thanks :-)

Does this work on tablets?

I know you say above “it is html5 so every modern browser from ie10, safari, firefo opera to chrome will play this sounds”, however a colleague of mine has implemented this plugin and it’s working great when viewing on a desktop OS, but not working using OSX 7.1.2 using Chrome for OSX.

I have not tested using any other browsers on OSX or Android devices yet, since it isn’t working on Chrome for OSX.

Thanks, Adrian

Hi, sorry for the long dealy. I will try to check this, and if it is possible I will provide an update.

I need a “click” sound when hover over the main menu in wordpress. As I can see I have to install your plugin and ad some code. Do I get detailed instructions, and will I get some help (via e-mail) if I have a problem installing the plugin? Where do I put the line of code? In editor, or?

It is just a JQuery / Javascript file and not a Wordpress plugin. So you can’t install it as a plugin, you must integrate it into your wordpress theme.

Could you send me any instructions how to do that?

Do it in the same way as you would do to any other page (see the doc’s included). Maybe include the calling Javascript in your themes footer.php oder header.php. See following Codex page for further information: https://codex.wordpress.org/Using_Javascript See also this post, it shows how to load jQuery (do not include the jQuery lib from the package!) Additionally: https://css-tricks.com/snippets/wordpress/include-jquery-in-wordpress-theme/ and last but not least a short tutorial how to include custom scripts: http://code.tutsplus.com/articles/how-to-include-javascript-and-css-in-your-wordpress-themes-and-plugins--wp-24321 Hope that helps

I’m trying to do sound mixers like allowing the users to mix instrument by instrument. each instrument is like 2 minutes long.

guitar + bass guitar + bass + keyboard guitar + bass + keyboard + violin

Can this script do that?

no, don’t think so

Hi I will do the steps to integrate with wordpress theme files.. Quick question, can this also trigger sound on a modal popup? Can it make sound on buddypress message notification?

Or is it just clicks and hovers, or can I use it for any type of actions?

Without checking my code – i hope I’m not wrong… I think you can trigger sounds as you like with a little bit of javascript hacking.


tonyxt1 Purchased

Hi there, just purchased your great plugin, I was hoping that I would find in the documentation so help on specific functionality I need for my page but, there’s nothing on it.

Basically, I’m using just 1 mp3 that needs to play itself (loop) a number of times based on the link that is clicked. I have a page with 10 items so, I need that each time one of these link items is clicked then play the mp3 the corresponding number of times (loop). For instance, if item #8 is clicked, I need the mp3 to play 8 times in rapid successions then stop. if item #5 is clicked, I need the mp3 to play 5 times in rapid successions then stop, etc. Please let me know if you can give me some help with this, I would greatly appreciate it.

  • Sound 1
  • Sound 2
  • Sound 3
  • Sound 4
  • Sound 5
  • Sound 6
  • Sound 7
  • Sound 8
  • Sound 9
  • Sound 10



Hi Tony, this is an interesting question. Don’t know yet if I have a solution. I will come back to you today.

Yes, possible with two small changes: See jquery.eventsound.1.0.0.js around line 95 and replace the ‘click’ part with code below.

case “click”: obj.click(function(){ var loops = $(this).data(‘loops’); var audio = $(’#’ + audioId + ‘_click’)[0]; audio.play(); audio.addEventListener(‘ended’, playLoop); function playLoop () { loops—; if(loops > 0) { audio.play(); } else { audio.removeEventListener(‘ended’, playLoop); } } }); break;

Then add to your button image or everything else which is the click object: <input class=”button” type=”button” value=”Hover and Click sound 1” data-loops=”5”/>

data-loops attribute value will indicate how much times the sound will play. Maybe there are side effects with rapidly clicking a button.

Please try this and give me a feedback.

Oh, I see that the code is not formatted after adding…hope you got it ;-)

Good work. Good Luck