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Could it play a (short) sound on a mouseover event?

Thats not intended. It will only play background music. But maybe I will create a plugin with this funcionality….

CAn it play Bg music throughout a site, even when switching between pages?

No thats not possible because it is bound to a single html page. But if you attach it to a one page layout, it will work (because you are not changing between different html pages)

@AaronMarquez – You would have to have an AJAX loaded website. The use of PHP would be handy, but I’m sure you can just use AJAX to load content on the fly within one page (using frames). This is achievable with JavaScript & HTML5 , but does require a lot of back-end coding.

PS awesome plugin, good luck with sales!

You are so right, good idea. But it will be a lot of work to change an existing page to fit those requirements.

Can it play without the skins? So auto load on page open, play for a set period and then not play until the page is reloaded?

Not possible in this version. You can set the skin to ‘minimal’ and buttons to ‘simple’ to have only a small play / pause button at top right or top bottom corner.

You say “this version” do you have another one with this capability?


how about this? lol Could I use a transparent image for the skin?

Yes you can use transparent images. or – more easier – set the bgsound div to display:’none’. Sound will play but the gui disappears.

Awesome gonna give it a go :)


did you get the mail I sent yesterday, can’t get this to work.

Please check your mails, I have send you some info.

OK final review!

Product is actually amazing, had a few difficulties implementing, but the support from oleolson was first class. If you want to play background music either with or without the player visible this is without a doubt the best out there!

Good luck with this project oleolson, hope it goes well for you :)

Hi have a question,

how do I set the player to play a song just once, I guess there’s a looping function in there somewhere, not been able to find it though.

Yes you are right, but it’s inbuild. As I said, the next release will have an additionally option for thta issue. I think it will be ready on monday and I will send it to you before offical review.

is it possible to add it on wordpress blog ?

Don’t know, I’ve never used Wordpress. In general you can implement it in any HTML5 web document. Maybe you have to check other jquery dependencies on your page (JQuery version or other plugins) Sometimes the loading order of plugins is important. Sorry but I have no detailled information for you in this special case.

Hi, (sorry for my english)

I want use the script to continuous play across pages… it’s possible to use without frames? if only with frames, it’s possible disable tooltips or change z-index to show them over the principal frame?


Maybe wrong file path? ”/site/>>audio<</audio/wm_u_let_me_down_again.ogg”. You must not add the folder to a file in the playlist .

but in chrome it’s ok… ?!?

Please drop me a link via email to your live site and I will have a look…

its working on wordpress? hmm with iframe?

Hi, there was already a customer using this in a frame. I think it should work in an iframe also, but I don’t checked this.

Hi, nice work. I have purchased this but i have an issue. The indicator png increases but not where it is supposed to do so but on page’s very bottom beneath player’s bar. I need this to work the soonest possible. Thanks.

I forgot: please provide the browser / version which produces this error

Hi, is there an option to select manual from a list of bg-songs to play any of them? Lets say i have put them in the way you describe, then i know that in place [0] like in an array is the first song, place [1] second one etc So when i click on a link with the [0] option somehow passed, js will initiate song 1st in the row or whatever i have chosen. That way i could add somewhere a playlist and when a visitor selects a name from the list then this song starts playing etc.

bgsound is not intended to use as a playlist driven music player – so this feature isn’t implemented. But maybe you accomplish that by yourself with writing a few lines of javascript code. Open the source and go to line 505 (here the API starts) and have a look at the function ’$.fn.bgsound.next = function(value) {’. Maybe that helps for the first step.


Can I have two instances of this playing on same page. For example, can I have a voice mp3 playing and a background music mp3 also playing at same time. The use can pause either of the files anytime he wants.

Thanks in advance.

Don’t tested this. Try it and give me a feedback please.


Is there a way we can include a volume control slider in the background layer?

Maybe. There is a not documented API function to accomplish that: $.fn.bgsound.volume = function(value) { Please read the documentation section ‘Implementation – API’ to see how to work with the api.

Hi, I was interested in purchasing your audio player, but first needed to know… Is there javascript functionality I can add to have it work in tandem with either a lightbox or a video player so that it will pause/mute on lightbox opening or video being played, then play/unmute on lightbox closing or video being paused?

If yes, then the other important thing I’d need to know relating to this, is that if a user has already paused/muted audio player, is there a way for audio player to stay paused/muted if they’re then closing out lightbox or pausing video? Basically, I would be using audio player to play background music, and if user didn’t want to hear background music and paused it, I wouldn’t want it to come back in on them again once they were done watching a video, assuming there would be a javascript function on lightbox close or video pause telling audio player to play again. I would only want background music to come back in for users who had already had it playing before they opened lightbox or played video.


See this part of the documentation. Maybe it helps.


There are five API functions to pause, resume, next track, previous track or set the volume of the background sound. To use this functions implement them at apropriate place:

$(’#pause’).click($.fn.bgsound.pauseSound); $(’#resume’).click($.fn.bgsound.resumeSound); $(’#next’).click($.fn.bgsound.next); $(’#previous’).click($.fn.bgsound.previous);

A second possiblity is to use an eventlistener. This listener can be added to any media (or other) element on your page, so that the background sound stops playing when a video or any other sound starts.

$(document).ready(function() { your_audio_or_video.addEventListener(‘play’, function(){ $.fn.bgsound.pauseSound(); }, false );

your_audio_or_video.addEventListener('ended', function() {
      }, false


hello, please I am implementing this plugin but found out it is only looping through the first item in a playlist.

Please how do i fix this to be able to play all items in a playlist