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I am also having the issue where things are being stacked. Do you have to put a hard height? I’ll be loading in dynamic content so I’m needing the height to be set to auto.

I’m having an issue with this plugin – everything is working perfectly, but if a viewport tag is used (for a responsive site) then the plugin no longer works on mobile.

I’m assuming is has to do with an issue with the JavaScript calculating the width of the window to see how many columns to use, etc.

Any help would be really appreciated: for an example, please visit:

expresmenu – I experienced the same issue you had with height. The plugin does require that a height be set. I got around it by determining the height of an uploaded user image on upload and logging it in the database. The height is then able to be put in upon dynamic rendering of the markup. I calculated the aspect ration between large and small images on upload and made two sizes.

Hello – I just purchased the pinterest style gallery plug in. I downloaded it and when I try to upload it into my Wordpress it fails, saying there is no valid plug in found…!

Hi, this version is js/html only, you can find the WordPress version here.

Hi, i am using the gallery to show pictures. I have a big problem when the image are large, the scrollbar appears but it does not seem to work. I was wondering if i can “limit” the size of the image or make the scrollbar work.

Very nice script, Thank you!

I am just wondering, is there a way to close the image by clicking the “back” button?

This is useful for Tablets and Smart Phones.

Does this work on non-word press?

Hi yes, this item is work on HTML, the WordPress version is in a different URL, you can see it in the description.

Does this have auto play of the image once opened?

Does this support html links?

Hi yes, I think you can put HTML link in the caption.

Hi Sike,

In the future, it would be so nice if all the transitions are displayed on the demo. Wonderful work!


Hi, Can it flip to a second image? J

I love the plugin, but I’m having a couple of serious glitches right now, which I’m not sure how to fix.

Most of the images are fine, but a couple don’t show up at all. In one case, only the caption appears. I have also added numerous categories, and - after viewing photos in individual categories - nothing happens when I click “all.”

Here is the gallery….

Thank you for your help.

How do I display the captions for the Large Image?

How would I remedy the fact that the image flips when I hover over it, but what about at the mobile level (since there’s no hover)?

Hello I’m looking for a grid that works fine even if i won’t put image height. Is your ok in that case?


Do you plan to make further improvements to this? Add features? Fix issues? Make it more friendly?

Here are my questions:

  1. No Pre-Loadify (pre-loading of next image in preview mode),
  2. No indication of what images have text and others that don’t (and don’t flip),
  3. No icons on top-right or bottom-right of image to indicate media type in link (e.g. Preview Image with link to Video? or Photo? or Page?).,
  4. Doesn’t appear to use lazy loader and load more images when visible by browser – this is a minimum requirement.

Look forward to hearing from you.

My wordpress keeps telling me that there is no valid plugin found in zip. I don’t understand…

Hi, this is not a WP plugin, it’s in javascript(jQuery)/HTML only.

Yeah, just figured that out! Okay, thanks…

Does this have Flickr support

I dont know how to install javascript(jQuery)/HTML into wordpress any help

Hi, sorry this is HTML only, not a WordPress plugin.

sike does not currently provide support for this item. you would inform that before you took our money sike