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I really like this image script. I want to use it for mobile devices. Is there a way to disable the auto slide show when an image is clicked? I’d like it to be fully manual.

Also any thought about making it swipe compatible?

Thanks, good work.

Hi. Currently there is no way to disable the automatic rotation of images. There is a play/pause button option that allows image rotation to be halted/resumed.

Swipe compatibility is a great feature request, and would go hand-in-hand with the previous feature you mentioned.

However, I am currently busy with other projects. I plan on continuing development on this project later this year.

If you’d like, you can “officially” submit feature requests on BetaEasy:


Is there a way an RSS image feed can populate the images?

No, jQuery Peepshow does not have built-in support for this. You’d have to use a scripting language to parse the RSS feed, and then generate an HTML unordered list of images for jQuery Peepshow.

Very cool.

Are you considering adding Pagination ?

or up and down control arrows to show more images , if we set a predefined image grid.

Example: say we wanted 6 images per row, and 6 columns.

And we have gallery of say 72 images, then pagination would be page 1 and 2 or prev and next to paginate from page 1 to 2.

Would be good to control the amount of images being displayed on page, also applying ajax function to fetched images, and pagination.

Great script, its on my watch list

No se instalarlo :S

Sorry, the readme file is in English.

As I can do to get the images to appear for an entry underside of them one by one?

Is there a way to specify what rotates when you hover/click on one image? Basically, if I have two images side by side, I want different images to rollover when you hover over one and different when you hover over the other.


Images can be grouped. The first image in the group is always displayed as the thumbnail. When its hovered over, it will expand. If there are more images in the group, then the next image in the group will be displayed fullsize, and then the next, the next, etc.

It is exactly what i needed.Very cool.Thanx But i have a probllem which you might could help me with. While it works on my computer it doesn’t work online (i get a sort of big images istead of the effect) Any idea? Thanx a lot

While it works on my computer it doesn’t work online

I don’t know what you mean by “online”.

It works locally on my preview in browser but not when i publish on web.(It is hosted on a linux server)

Without any more details or a link, it’s hard to troubleshoot your issue. You might want to check for javascript errors and make sure all the paths the javascript files in tags are correct.

Yes.it was about the paths.I fixed it.thank you very much.

nice, thank you.

Hi guys, thank you for very nice gallery, but I need your help. Can’t do 2 or more galleries on same page. If I declare different ID gallery in jscript, it doesn’t work properly, how to use this script more than 1 time per page ? Anyone can help ?

Hi, thanks for reporting this, it appears to be a bug. I’ll try to push out a new version with a fix this week.

I’ve just submitted a new version of jQuery Peepshow (1.2.0) for review on CodeCanyon. It fixes support for multiple galleries per page.

You can view a demo of multiple galleries per page here:


Thank you very much.

Is there any way to change colors, or is it just for black?

warning: doesnt working on ipad3 (safari)

Dammit… Bought it for my WordPress site. But it’s no WordPress plugin. So useless for me. Too bad, seemed to be a nice script.

Is there a wordpress plugin that does this?

Is it possible to change the portion of the image that is cropped for the thumbnail? For example I would like the thumbnail to be the far right side of the image rather than the center.

can this do text to image?