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Looks awesome!

Thanks very much!

Hi there,

nice work! I’m searching this kind of script but with live timing settings. Example : I would like to put a date with time and when the visitor will navigate thru the website, it will pop the message only once.

Is that possible ?

Hi there, That’s definitely possible! You could even use this plugin to do it.

If you’d like some help integrating it then please send me an email using the email address supplied in the demo and I’d be happy to help.

Ok you would do this free for me if i buy it ? Would be great because i really need this feature to implement it.


If you’re needs are exactly as outlined above then I’d be happy to help you out for free.

Nice work!

A question: I want to show the notify after a few seconds after the site is ready loaded. Ist that possible?

Best Regards

Christoph from Germany

Absolutely! This is how you would do something like that – http://pastebin.com/xCS3iCMe

Hi there!

1) if I want to show some tips, can it show in sequences the required tips one after the other with clicks as in your demo?

2) can it display swf/flv movie like images in the notification? plz guide , will love to buy.

regards Prof Nanda

1) As far as the plugin is concerned it will pop up whenever your code tells it too. So you would need to write the jQuery to tell which notifications to appear and when.

2) At present any embedded content (such as videos, etc) would need to be placed on a page which is then pulled into a notification in the same way the “Offsite HTML ” demo does.

Great work! Awesome idea :)

Thank you very much! :D

:D Perfect. Just what I needed!

Regards, KimmiBoo

Glad to be of service!

If you have any problems please feel free to get in touch.


Your script is very interesting!

Is it possible to configure the number of opening with Cookies (one or two opening by visitor)?



Email sent, but not of answer!

Did you receive my email?



Hi again, I haven’t received anything as of yet.

Perhaps try resending?


Email sent via your profil on codecanyon.

Thanks again!


Email sent!

Thanks for your assistance! :)


Very nice nice and clean plugin, as well as beautiful piece of UI. Thank you very much!

Thank you very much. If you need any assistance installing or customizing the plugin please feel free to email me.

hi am try to get the default pop up that came but i would also like it to have like a delay b4 it show it self then disapper after 30sec

Hello, need some help plz, how do I get the (OFFSITE HTML ) pop up to appear after 20sec delay and disappear after 30 sec

i have got this code but it doesnt seem to work

<script src=”js/jquery-1.7.1.min.js”></script> <script src=”js/jquery-notify.js”></script> <script> $(function(){ setTimeout(function(){ $.notify({ inline: false, href: ‘http://dribbble.com/system/users/5227/screenshots/298369/hello_chicago_teaser.jpg?1319158366' }, 5000) }, 2000); });


That looks fine to me, are all of your paths correct? Could you let me see the URL ?

Hi Sam, Great script, question before I buy it. Is it possible to show another notification after the first one has disappeared? For example: load the initial one for 5 seconds then another notification appears but on a different position of course.


Loading a notification when one disappears is indeed possible – unfortunately the “different position” side of things isn’t. This version of jQuery Notify was designed to only allow notifications in a single position on the page (like the demo).

Thanks for your interest. Sam

Oh ok sounds good, could you help me with loading the second one?

Sure, no problem. If you email me the link to your site with a brief description of what you’re looking to do, I’d be more than happy to help.


hi seller, this notify is automatically will show out or needs to click the button to show the notification?

Hi juliusphie, That’s entirely up to you. You use jQuery to define when it shows up.

Hi Sam, sorry but i don’t know how to install this jquery in my blog :-( I thought it would be a self-installing plugin. Have I put code in some place? Sorry, sorry, thanks very much

Hi gestionandopersonas, Don’t worry – we’ll get it working, you don’t have to apologise ;)

Just send me your blog’s details along with a brief description of what you want the plugin to do via the contact form on my profile and I’ll take a look for you.


Hi Sam, i sent you private mensage in the contact form.

Thank so much for your help, of true


HF1 Purchased

Nice job.. Thank you !

Hi again how do I change the size of the notify box

Hi Wooly. You can change that in the CSS file provided.

can nofity be appear on differnet screen positions ? except bottom right ? like center topcenter,left,topleft etc ?

Sure, you can change where it appears using the CSS provided.