Discussion on jQuery MultiTransition Gallery Sliders Collection

Discussion on jQuery MultiTransition Gallery Sliders Collection

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Hello ! When i delete one of the playlist for example mistique, other 4 does not work and spinner always turning. How can i change playlist count


Please note that support is provided here:

Can you send a message at with a link to your live page where we can check this?


I really love the slideshows you can create with this plug-in. Is there any chance you could add an export as MP4 option? I understand there would be no interactivity.

I would be happy to pay for this feature.


Its not possible to convert html to video. Maybe you can try some screen capture.


What’s the best way to hide the slideshow controls wrapped in the slide_controls div?

Also, I see it has been asked before, but can you help with a good way to position captions at the bottom right or bottom left of the slide?


I dont see slide_controls but I do see slideshow_controls. You can delete them from html.

Its not possible to align captions from bottom without code modification.

Plugin is working good so far, couple of questions…

1. Caption positioning – data parameters on the caption like data-startX="100" data-startY="-100" data-endX="100" data-endY="260" data-time="300" position the caption with absolute position top and left. I want bottom left, is that possible?

2. Can i set an alpha on the caption so it fades in and out, in addition to the movement?


1. Currenlty no, only those values are supported (from top left). Hopefully we will update this at some point and add even more transition options.

2. Alpha opacity is already implemented and caption goes from alpha 0 to 1 when it comes in and vice versa.

Is there a public link for the documentation? I’m considering purchasing this plugin if it satisfies my needs for a project. I only need the image slideshow functionality, not video. I also don’t need the playlist, is that optional? I need the caption functionality, but would like to know how flexible this is? How do you pass the caption text? Is it possible to have a more robust “caption”? Like with a title and maybe an additional paragraph or something? Thanks!

Thanks! One more question and then I think I’m done…can those animations be changed?

They are applied with javascript, you can see some parameters on the link above.


Good evening

I would like 2 personalized photo galleries can you send me your email in order to send the examples? my email is: thank you very much


You can send a message at


i paid for and downloaded a new plugin for jQuery MultiTransition Gallery Sliders Collection yesterday. I can’t install the plugin and the following message shows up repetedly:

The link you followed has expired. Please try again.

What should I do?


If you cannot download plugin from Envato page to your computer please contact Envato support:


We’ve been using the jQuery MultiTransition Gallery Sliders Collection for a while now. In the last month or two, we’ve received complaints from users that autoplay audio does not play in Chrome. Audio works in other browsers. I have verified this. This is also a problem with your example slide shows. Audio is being blocked by Chrome. This message is in the console: Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: play() failed because the user didn’t interact with the document first. Audio will play if you stop then start the audio, but autoplay is important for our application.


You cannot autoplay any more without user interaction due to browser recent changes:

I’m trying desperately to change the color of the component holder (the one that holds the gallery names and thumbnails) and no matter what I change its still that translucent black. I’ve changed literally everything in the css with no luck. I’m using the bottom inside design. which CSS file do I change and whats the line number where I can add a background or change the one you chose? Ive read all the comments and none of those were helpful.


You can see here:

In case anyone else is having issues, even though I changed the name of my css and changed everything there, for this particular div, it only pulls the information from the originally named css. So that css file name must be hard coded into the js. The solution is just to use the originally named css and only make changes there.

What do you mean it “pulls the information from the originally named css” ?

It pulls the information from the css files you linked in your page.

Hello, I removed audio section in header as you state in help file. Unfortunatly gallery does not load after it. what else do I have to do?

Hello! yes, I did everything exactly like in the using audio section of your help docs. incl. setting useAudio to false. I did not make any other changes to sample file (index_playlistBottomInside). Maybe I have to modify “thumbWrapper”-div, too (remove sample content)? Screen freezes black.

PS everthing works fine until I remove /* AUDIO PLAYER SETTINGS */ section in head. I can remove alle other audio related scripts, styles, div (and gallery still works).

Can you provide the link to you live webpage? here or private message: //

Hey there! I must first thank you very much for this incredible script. I’ve never seen one as good as this. I’m currently implementing this on my website and so far so good! The only part I need help with please is either deleting or hiding the ‘Play’ button which shows in the middle of the screen. I’m using ‘interior_design_split’ if that helps? I’m using Dreamweaver too, so if you could tell me which file and the location (number) please then i’ll be able to sort this.

I appreciate your time very much Regards, NuT^CrAcKeR


Play button will appear if image has video set with attribute on li item.

For example:

data-localMp4='media/video/01.mp4' data-localOgv='media/video/01.ogv' data-localWebm='media/video/01.webm' data-localPreview='media/video/01.jpg'


Hey, I have problems clicking the link button on the top right corner on mobile devices (latest iOS). This should open the website from the current data-link attribute but nothing happens. Any ideas or fixes on that? Thanks!


I have just tested, I will update file file.

If you want quick fix, send a message at


Hey – new version works great. Thanks!

sorry I was doing tests, try it now

this is my Purchase codes

Authors may ask you for a purchase code to verify that you’ve purchased this item. 1d127b26-d748-464e-894b-1e154d2df05b – 2 Oct 2017


I’ve purchased a regular license for the gallery I’ve embedded on a site’s page, but a strange thing happens: when I go to a video from the gallery. the video starts correctly, then when I go to another, always start the same again, but if I refresh the page then everything works.

if I reset my chronology and start over again, the problem is again

can you help me? I can not find the problem

my site: – page is “portfolio”.


best regards

sorry but with which browser do you use? to me with safari and firefox does not work, I have to do a refresh and then it works, but whoever visits the site does not know he has to do a refresh.

I was using chrome, however now after few attempts i can see the error in console.

Try this, in js folder file jquery.apYoutubePlayer.min.js, around line 112, change this:

var interval = setInterval(function(){


 var interval = setInterval(function(){
             if(window.YT && window.YT.Player){

great !!! now works perfectly, thank you for everything

best regards

hello, i’m not familiar with codes, i think i can use it in rapidweaver 7…


You need to know basic so html/css/javascript to be able to use it in your website.


Hi Tean,

Thanks for the awesome plugin. But I am facing one issue, Sometimes blank screen appears in between two slides and on any activity like clicking on thumb or slideshow controls normal slideshow get started.

Can you please help me in this? Thanks..

I will have to check this thoroughly on my side, I will let you know.

okey thanks..

Can you send a message at , I would like to provide you with a solution.

Hi! Is it possible to remove the symbol ’#’? This hinders the share to social networks (((


This symbol comes when deeplink is used in settings:

/* useDeeplink: true/false */

If set to false, it will not be used.

Hello! how to forbid to load at once all photos in browser cache? I need that a photo was loaded only then, when a sliding seat is opened! Now if there are 200 photos, all 200 photos are loaded simultaneously! It is wrong!!!! How to change it?


Large photos are not loaded since they are not inside an img src tag. Each photo only loads when is requested by the gallery slideshow. Only thumbs will load on start.

Problem with https. Youtube player doesn’t work. In http work correctly. See


Thanks for reporting. I will perform the necessary updates.

Hello! Thank you for a good product. All works perfectly, but there is one question. How to do that at changing of sliding seat changed not only url but also <title> on a page, from text in data-caption-id=”#caption_1”. In setting of “Deeplinking” parameters did not find. What does need to be added and where? Thank you!

There is a callback when slide changes:

function afterSlideChange(slideNum){
    //function called after slide change (plus slide number returned, counting starts from 0)
    //console.log('afterSlideChange, slideNum = ', slideNum);

What data should go into title?

it is possible to convert a page in php and write many functions ))) but decision probably easier and quicker?

1. For title I think you could write some code in checkSlideContent function (which is called after each slide) in jquery.multiGallery.min.js and take caption text from there and put it in title.

2. In what way convert page in php?


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