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i did, still not working

Hi again, please i want to remove the sounds and sound code from index_autoSlide_horizontal_full.html, is it possible, the page is taking too much time to load


You can use this setting:

useMusic: false

and remove all sound related javascript code from html page (soundmanager).

Hi, i want to modify the “data-title”. Is it possible to create a full background-color and center (vertically and horizontally) the text?


I dont see usable example on this link.

Let me try to explain what I need. Sorry for my bad english.

When you mouseover each thumbnail I want the plugin to fade over a white surface. In addition I need a centered (centered is important) text area to write a discription. When I mouseout I just want it to fade out.

Simple and clean but I am not good with JS so I hope you can help me out.

Thank you so much for you fast respond! I appreciate your help!

This can be done only with code modification. If you are interested you can send the message here: http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact


Our one of slide is Google calendar page. Can we insert Google calendar in the slideshow? Can we set the preview slide on bottom of the page?



No, this gallery supports images with optional prettyphoto links.

Hello , I would like to ask where I can find installation instructions this gallery on my stronie.Moj proof of purchase and galleries thank you


When you unzip the downloaded package, inside there is help folder with instructions.

Hi, how to make it faster on auto slider? By default is 25 slider speed now and i want to make it 5 slider speed. Thank you.


This is a custom slider plugin implemented from here: http://egorkhmelev.github.io/jslider/

Right now its slider default middle value, which then sets the speed in onstatechange callback.

It looks like heterogeneity slider option is for different slider value.

And to set the actual slider speed it this function call:


This is the part of the slider code from my demo pages:

                      from: 1, 
                      to: 50, 
                      step: 1, 
                      round: 1, 
                      dimension:' slide speed', 
                      callback: function( value ){
                          //console.log( value );

Hi, What should i change or put in the code? I tried to change value to 1 but doesn’t work.

If i want it very fast, how ’s the code looks like?

You can put this in autoSlideReady function:

function autoSlideReady(){
        //function called when component is ready to receive public method calls

hello, if i buy this, will i be able to change any images,video and audios?


Yes, you can change all of this, data comes in html markup.

hi! if i buy the j query autoslide gallery with music, will i be able to change any images,video and audio?


Yes, you can change all of this, data comes in html markup.

Hi! is this plugin phonegap riendly? or is it easy to port


Its built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript (jQuery). Hope this helps.

Hi! thanks , so is it fair away from native , in-built methods , pure js &jQuery or does it use any plugins or libs?

It does use other plugins like jscrollpane for demos with manual scrolling, prettyphoto for lightbox, and soundmanager for audio.


Autoslide Responsive Example 1.

Do I have to crop the images in the layout if I am using only images 16:9 ? The layout is using many formats. In others word, is it possible to use only 16:9 images without cropping my landscape images 16:9 ?



You dont have to crop images, but to have nice even spacing between images, images in same row/column should have the same aspect ratio.

Does the autoslide work on mobile phone?

Which mobile phone do you use?

iphone 5s

Just download latest Soundmanager version and replace soundmanager2-nodebug-jsmin.js file and it will work again.


beatheme Purchased

i have 100 pics using the index_scroll_vertical_full.html but the gallery only shows 36 pics on browser. I added the code for the rows in the .html file but it seems the scroll has a limit. Where should I change the code to make it an infinite scroll?


Tean Author


There shouldn’t be a picture limit if the html markup is correct. Can you show the link to your page?



beatheme Purchased

Sorry my bad. It works fine for 100 pics/