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Preview not working

Hi, thanks for comment. I added bad link, it is ok now.

Preview is indeed not working!

Hi, thanks for comment. I added bad link, it is ok now.

Awesome script!

Thanks Tean, two months of my work

looks nice, I think the iPhone preview should be the first in your live preview, because is more attractive than the fruit slide.

Anyhow, very nice.


Very Nice Script!

This is called beauty of jquery. If some one asks me what is jquery i will simple show this. Really man you are awesome, amazing.

Actually i dont need this jquery thing but if i needed i would def bought it. May be i am exited this is amazing.

Hi! Can I make a fullwith & fullheight background with it? Best regards Tom

Hi, yes of course you can

I cannot buy it, I am not redirected to Paypal, is the link broken , I dont think my internet have any problems. help please I badly need it :))

Hi, you clicked on link in codecanyon?

Does this work with gyroscope on mobile devices? I am looking for this.

Dude relax just asking. Do you think I am spamming? I am here for years! Indeed just read what I am asking just want to give an example! But nevermind…

Ok, maybe i overreacted, sorry. This script does not work with gyroscope.

Thank you for this awesome script! I have a question , In slider sample ( startslider.html) , can i have an object (link) when i clicked on it , slider go next or previous ?

Hi, thanks! If you need to change slide on click just set some id or class to your MP html element, next just bind it on casual for jquery way like this:

$(’#yourid’).click( function() { });; // slider is object of MPSlider

You can use this slider methods: stop – stops the slider next – play next slide prev – play prev slide setSlide(number) – set number slide start – starts the slider

wow this codecanyon editor is weird, i write it again:

$(’#yourid’).click(function(){ };

Thank you :)

Is there any way to disable your script pre-loading and use another pre-loading script? how can i edit your pre-loading script or it’s animation. i want to use this one!/PreloadJS

Hi, sorry but it has default preload and it can not be disabled.


Can I use this plugin on full screen?

I want to make a good looking coming soon page and was thinking of using this.

This plugin works on every screen resolution, also on fullscreen.


This is a piece of cake! Love it! Thank you for the wonderful job and happy new year, Deserves 5 star (Done!)

Best Regards


Hi again,

I have a question if you don’t mind, I used: “” for my website and I think it has conflict with the jquery.js in mp folder, because when I put the parallax code in my website it freezes and doesn’t work, any tip and help would be highly appreciated.

Best Regards


PS: I have other ones such as: jquery.parallax-1.1.3.js and bootstrap.min.js etc., but I think the conflict is between two jquey. js, from my website and the mp one.

Have you tried to remove one of jquery? Maybe others will work with jquery from mp?

Hello. I bought it. I tried the responsive script and i saw that the div is positioned absolut. I want to put a responsive layout on top. so without absolut position. How can I? Thanks.

I did a test here:

but I have for example no movement if I have the mouse over the grey div. And also the divs position is absolute and i think i need relative divs?

Hi, absolute position can be used with responsive layout, you just need set width and left css attributes in media query. About moving on grey div documentation should say something about binding movement on other elements.

Thank You.

Hi. No. I ment the background is not moving while the mouse is over the grey div. the grey div have to stay in place. know what i mean.

The component would be valuable if it could redirect to a URL upon completion of Video playing


Why don’t include the tiger exemple with the plugin, beacause the responsive one you include doesn’t work. The image is deforms. And I doesn’t success to make the tiger slider with the documentation.


Hi, tiger example is created in JMP so it is possible, to check how it is created just check sources of example page.

Hi, thanks, I succeded to creat my page. But then, something happen, the loading div is black, and the other div are in display:none, but they aren’t any error in the firebug console. Did you knok what it might be ? You can check it here :

Thanks a lot

Is there going to be an update for compatibility with current versions of jQuery?

The Moving Perspective code only seems to work with jQuery 1.9. and gets errors on later versions.

Thank you.