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nice skript, I use an like this effect for quite a time (navigation in a podcast module) but I always had and have an issue (which is also present in your file)...

is it technically possible to make the area smaller (left/right) where the skript is watching for mouseovers? The issue I have is, that users have to be very precise with the cursor to see the full image/element/whatever at the beginning and the end of the “slided” container. So what I thought would be nice is that the first/last image is already shown when the user is one inch/2cm away from the left/right border of the container…I know…it’s a bad explanation but I don’t know how to write it in a better way =P…if this was possible btw. you could tell me how to do this, I would love to buy your script =)!


Yes it is possible! If you understand jquery it will be peace of cake, in other case I can make it work in the way you want.

If you need more info about this, you can reach me via


Helllo , Im, having trouble installing this into wor press as a plug-in!

it says that there isn’t a valid header , idont know what that meas but if you can please help me fix this


I’m sorry but this is not a wordpress plugin.


OK thanks for clarifying that …its an awesome plug in and since i alread bought….how can i get the best use of this ..or is there a way to embed the code into wordpress?

I’m not a wordpress expert, but yes I’m sure it can be used in wordpress, but it may require a plugin development based on it. Maybe you can also make wordpress import the required files and the you can simply call the jQuery command in HTML . One of the best ways to use this plugin is for touch media gallerys for compatible devices.

hey…how do you account for padding in the containing div? when i add padding to any of the outer divs that the slider is in it will not slide all the way back.

answer by e-mail, hope it fits your needs!


works great now!!! great plugin. thanks for the quick reply

I just bought your plugin. A great plugin :) But can you tell me how to use it with AJAX ? The situation is like this, I have 50 picture in the gallery. But if I load all of it, the page will be slow.. Maybe when user scroll it, I can call an AJAX to add another list of images Can you give me an example how to use it with AJAX

Please reply it via email so I can documented the sample Thanks…

Hi, I’m pretty sure that is possible to do it. Please send me an email with further details to

(I don’t want to use codecanyon email form because I’m registered with a old email)

Thank you!

Thanks I’ll email you soon. I need to setup the site first :)

Ok, don’t worry :)

Are the bottom pictures meant to scroll the other way? Also.. If you click on the bottom pictures it just opens that picture link for me, no effect’s like when you click on the top pictures..


Yes they are meant to do that, but you can configure it to move in the same direction.

About the other question, my bad… I forgot to init lightbox on that links. Anyway if you want to, you just have to add a code line and the effect will work. I can do that for you also, with no extra cost.



I have purchased this and installed it. I have positioned the slider on the right hand side of my site. But when you hover the mouse this seems to not be directly underneath where I have positioned the slider but on the left hand side of my site. Hope this makes sense.


Sent you an e-mail. Thanks :)

Hey there, just bought this. It’s perfect for my needs, just wondering…how can I disable the mirror and just have the one strip of thumbs?

Nevermind. Got it. Great script. Thanks!!

Cool :D Thanks for purchasing!


can the images be different widths?

yes they can :) Thanks!

great, thanks

Hello! Thanks for the great slider. I just wondering if i can put a second line with a different slider “gallery” in the same page. For example i have one line slider with tvs another with cellphones and another with something else. is this possible?

Hi, yes that’s possible! And if not, I will make it possible :) If you face any dificulty, contact me at

Hello, thanks for this plugin, it’s fantastic! I am trying to display the slider in a dimension-limited width, I fixed the size of gallery container but it doesn’t work. What am I missing ? Thanks in advance, A.

The temporal url is

I found the issue: in small displays it works fine, but in big displays the slider doesn’t move. It’s because the movement of the mouse is detected as the gallery is full-width. How could I setup the slider for detect the mouse only inside the gallery container ? thanks in advance, A.

SOLVED: the script was looking for the first parent of gallerycontainer. In the file jquery.mouseslide-2.0.js I edited //Mouse Move Detection $(this).parent().mousemove(function(e){ ... to

//Mouse Move Detection $(this).parent().parent().parent().mousemove(function(e){

and now it fits my structure. The slider is now working properly :)

Cool you sort it out :) I’m sorry but I was only able to see your comment now… Thanks for purchasing!

I just realized that this slider doesn’t move on slide event on touch devices. :( Anybody knows how to make it work, maybe with some add like jquery-mobile or something like that? Thanks in advance, A.

It expects “mouvemove” events, that doesn’t exist on mobile :(

Hello Masterart, Your creation is great.

by the way can you help me that, How to use more than one slider in same page?


You have the demo inside the package

How do I only remain with the top row of images ( do away with the bottom row )? Its probably very simple, but I have been wrecking my head for a while on this!

nevermind, I finally saw the mirror code to disable. Cheers :)