Support for jQuery Mobile Website With Full Admin Panel

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What exactly is this mobile website with admin panel thing-a-ma-jig?

Well the answer is it’s a complete solution to your mobile website needs. You can create pages, blog entries, page transitions, page backgrounds, page headers, and page footers from your mobile device. This sets it apart from any other similar script.

How do I install?

It’s as a easy as 1-2-3.
1. Upload files to your server
2. Point your browser to the install.php file
3. Fill in your configuration information
Of course if you need more help, or more detailed explanation of any of these steps there is documentation included that covers it all in good detail.

What is the default admin panel login?

Username: admin
Password: admin

Is the newest update here yet?

Yes the newest update is finally here and uploaded. It is ready to go as soon as the reviewer approves it which doesn’t normal take to long. The documentation outlines all the changes, and explains how to use the new functionality.

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