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No updates? Figure I try one more time and then write off if you do not have time or not in good health.

Months have passed and I am getting old myself.


Sounds great! The ability (if even possible) for end user to easily update JQM / jQuery would be killer. With the ever changing updates nice to be able to update so extras always work.


The only issue with providing that ability is some times JQM changes the classes and id’s in the template files and it’ll break it. It’s been a pain for me so far to update it from the base I already had. I’ll look into and see what needs to happen to make it possible though.

man do I know what you mean. that was the main reason needed updated JQM/jQuery.

no updates ? this item is dead ? its pitty for all the people have bought it

I have an update coming that will be uploaded by this weekend!!!

Slight delay because of the holiday festivities this weekend, but will be ready to go by mid week coming!

Updated version is now live.

Hi, can I use it to build a app with Phonegap for Android/iOS? Thanks

Yes if you can integrate it.

Why are not “title” websites, when you give him save literally cut out?



I’m sorry I don’t quite follow what you mean could you be a little more specific in the issue you are having.

It is being caused by an oversight on my part, to fix this issue you will need to replace line 1 with this in the header.php file. I will add this into a hotfix update I plan to release soon to address a few other bugs discovered. Just copy everything in the top left box at the jsfiddle link below.


Download the link below (v2.4_fixes.zip) and replace the following files in their respective locations to fix all known issues currently.


1. Replace header.php in the main directory with the one included.

2. Replace gallery.php in the user directory with the one included.

3. Replace login.php in the admin directory with the one included.

can we use my php website for making app? is this integrate my ebsite

Not sure I follow exactly what you want to do? If you are trying to integrate this into your existing website to be able to generate multiple mobile websites using this system from within yours then yes you could with the right knowledge of setting it all up.

It won’t do this out of the box of course but with some programming knowledge it’s possible.

If this doesn’t help you please explain what you want to do a little better if you can.

demo is dead….

It is back up now.