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Hi, How can i use ” jQuery Mega Image Viewer ” in Wordpress ? how can I enter the code in the theme or a particular slide or post?

Hi, only by manual editing theme file.

1.) Is there any way to get the image (with included hotspots) responsive? I see that the image is scalable and that we can resize the dimensions. But by html embedding the plugin needs certain (pixel) values for dimension of viewer. Does it work with % (f.e. 90% width) values also?

2.) Questions from tuttuu above: including the plugin by manual editing wordpress theme. Does it mean to include only the javascript manually inside wordpress header. All others (viewer container and hotspot container) can come as wordpress (html) content? So container can be nested inside #page #content div ’s ?


1) yes, it work with %, but at each change size of the viewport you must call plugin method “adaptsToContainer” (all is described in documentation)

2) yes, container can be nested inside other div’s, send me an email (jaroslaw_z(at)interia.pl), I will send you documentation, there you will find detailed description how install plugin on website


Hello this is a very nice JQ plugin. I would like to know if this is possible to disable user manual zoom on desktop PC and mobile but remain script zooming like, $(’#myDiv’).lhpMegaImgViewer( ‘setPosition’, 1300, 700, 0.8, false ); ,this working?


yes, this is possible, but requires minor modification in code


Really great, lhp, will you give me some hints of the modification after I purchased the plugin, thanks? :P

when you buy item, just send me an email: jaroslaw_z(at)interia.pl, I prepare version for you.

hello lhp. I justo bought the 2.5 version basic. the plugin was bought to complete a system which requires varios pin, hotspots, into the pictures. is your plugin capable to doing it or do I need to buy the extended version.

hello lhp, just improving my question. I have developed a plugin which puts many hotspots into a specific image. the aquired mega image viewer will keep the image with many hotspots and show them in all its features. my question exactly is can mega viewer insert or call a specific function/plugin that does the insertion of the hotspots dynamically saving the hotspots position and such? regards.

Hi, thanks for buying,

what do you mean exactly by dynamically saving?

It doesn’t seem to work properly on my Joomla 3.0 Site. It does not crop properly nor does it scale/pan properly.

I sent an email earlier today. I hope you are able to respond quickly. I had high hopes for this script over all the free ones i saw…

response send, regards

Hi ! Is it posible to set up the map thumb in HTML (like the image content) ? Thx !

Hi, unfortunately not, this isn’t possible. Regards

Hi, I would like to know is this jquery for Wordpress or static html use? will it able default in Fullscreen or Full width?

Hi, in case using in wordpress, plugin must be manually embedded in the template, size is set by css, the package contains an example how set viewer on full width. Regards

Hey, I was just playing around with your script and noticed that it doesn’t seem to pan and zoom in Firefox. Any thoughts?

Hey, I was coding and testing it on my windows 7 pc on Firefox version When I try to pan it would keep snapping back to the top left corner of the image.

try update firefox, newest version it 41.0.1

Thanks, I’ll give it a shot. It works on the tablet which is the important part considering it is for a mobile website.

Hi, great plugin! I’ve bought it and I’m playing with it. Just have a question, how can I zoom (or scale) the markers along with the image? It’s because I’m using it for a city stage and each marker is a building, so they should zoom proportionally.

Hi, thanks. Sorry, markers are not scalable.

Hi, How can i use ” jQuery Mega Image Viewer ” in an Angularjs web ?

Hi, like any other plugin jquery. Regards

Can i use it as an Angularjs directive?My skill is poor,do you have any code samples ?Thanks.

like angularjs directive unfortunately not, because this plugin is not implemented in angularjs, regards

Hi, i tried add a hyper link in popup box contents, the hyper link work fine in desktop but not working in mobile, any help?

email sent, best regards

It’s working on mobile device now. Very appreciate for the help.

I need the ability to have a hyperlink work in the pop up on a mobile device. Hyperlinks work fine on the desktop. Will you help me? Thanks!

Hi there. I didn’t get an email from you. Can you resend?

mail resend (check spam too)

Still not getting email (and nothing in spam). Just sent you a message via your profile page. thanks.

Hi, I just bought this plugin and don’t have a clue on how to use it with wordpress. Please help. Thanks

Can you please send me some kind of explanation on how and where I do it in my wordpress site?

There is no simple solution, you must manually edit wordpress theme.

Yes I will do it. Can you tell me where in the wordpress files I need tomanually edit. Please help my friend

Looks good. Would this work on SVG?

Can you tell me if your script can run from inside an iframe? I mean can the image be resized based on the size of the iframe (which is responsive) insider which it is placed?.

I need hyperlinks to work in the pop up on a mobile device. Hyperlinks work fine on the desktop. Any help appreciated Thanks!