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I suggest you read more pagination with dynamic database.
Thank you

Thanks! You right. That’s material for a complete new plugin.

I have content records in MySQL database. will this allow me to read records and use the read more function … i.e., next page of records?

Hi ArvellLewis! This plugin doesn’t support MySQL. But if you need a custom development, you can email me with the details.

Best regards.

This doesn’t support IE8 ?

Sure it works! I just forget adding to the item description the compatibility.

Good! Can also work with isotope?

Hi htmgarcia. I don’t ‘get it’. Where is the additional content coming from when you click on ‘load more’ ?? I cannot find any link to notes, featureset or documentation to explain this. I can only presume the content must be already on the page and all you’re doing is revealing a div each time the ‘load more’ is clicked on.

Which version of this item you have?

Hello Today I bought your extension … and I want to say bravo … works fine … thank you

I have a question: how to make that work in a responsive? explain – for example on the screen width of 320 pixels I need to have only two in a row, and when the screen width of 480 pixels to three in a row, and when the screen width 980 pixels – four in a row ….?

We look forward to hearing. With respect

Hi MediaCard!

Well, is not prepared to be responsive by default but if you share the URL of the website where you are using it, I can try to help you to achive this goal.

Please, do in this contact form:



Thanks for the great plugin! I need some help: 1) What do I do with index.html included in the files? Is this the page I add extra content?

2) When I click on the button it does nothing, refreshes the page. Maybe it has something to do with the button h ref=#. Should I change it to the link of the index.html of plugin? I tried so but it just transfer me to the page.

Hi e-cotyledon, I’m glad you like our plugin :)

We included a documentation file (how-to-use-it/index.html) inside the zip you downloaded from CodeCanyon. Please follow that guidelines in order to make it work properly.

Also, which version of jQuery library are you using?

Looking forward to help you


This plugin not loading nothing…. Just SHOW / HIDE, for example, if you have 50 itens and configure 5 itens per block, this plugin will load all things 50 itens (consume all resource) and simple HIDE other 45 itens, sorry, good way to hide/show but is useless for mobile app that needs improve resources.

The plugin is not build for mobile devices. The description of this item clearly describe the plugin show more content.

Kind regards, Valentín

Really beautiful ;)