Discussion on jQuery Live Menu

Discussion on jQuery Live Menu

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don’t know why you are uploading a new script, when you just could update the other one adding the new “features”... just saying…

Hi !

Because it’s impossible to rename a plugin, and it is no longer a right click menu :)

it is not possible to index.html code data alone, and not all the information? Please!

Hi , Thanks for your purchase .

The index.html file in the package is the documentation .

In the ./plugin/ folder, you can find the necessary files (css and js). Just copy an example code to start easily, like this :


   <a id="target" href="javascript:">Demo</a>

JS :

      button: 'left',
      position: 'fixed',
      imagesPath: 'icons/', 
      items: [
            title: 'item 1 title',
               image: 'icon1.png',
               click: function(){ 
                   // your function here
            title: 'item 2 title',
               image: 'icon2.png',
               click: function(){ 
                      // your function here

I just sent an update to codecanyon.

Please, contact me from my profile that I send you the update immediately via email.

Same for future buyers today, contact me for my profile to get the update immediately.

The update is online

Please add a link to such pictures my email is

Please add a link to such pictures??

Email sent :)

As mentioned on the item page, you can find quality fine icons here :

Or free icons here :

I’m having a problem with the right-click, when i use this within jquery tabs, it positions wrong (+/- 300 px to the left and 200 px to the bottom).

Any idea how i can avoid /fix this?


Thanks for your purchase .

Please send me the url or the code sample via my profile, I’ll help you to fix this .

Thanks for the assistance. Just solved it, i disabled the following and it works fine in the Javascript: // $menu.css({ // left: centerX + ‘px’, // top: centerY + ‘px’, // width: _this.settings.menuSize + ‘px’ // });

Congratulations, I’m glad everything is working .

Feel free to contact me if you need .


excellent helper :)

Thank you very much Arashk :)

Extremely good plugin, very stylish!

Support for this Plugin is above&beyond! (thanx loopus!)

Highly Recommended!

hi, how can i make the open icons a link button ?


Thanks for your purchase. You can do a simple link with the “href” param, like this :

            title: 'Go to google',
            image: 'icon.png',
            href: "" 

Hi , your menu looks awesome , and I intend to use it in a project of mine , it’s just that I’m not much into jQuery and I was wondering if there is any chance to actually attach the Copy / Paste / Cut to the menu ? And by that I mean the actual thing , not just some menu voices or icons. I need the users to be able to copy paste stuff into fields with this. I googled alot and asked around but I got no answer from other menu makers, or similar treads.

If this is possible then I’ll buy ASAP and if you offer support for that I’ll actually pay you for it.

Waiting for an answer. Thank you.

Hello, thanks for your message.

We can’t do real copy/past from the clipboard in js. But if you just want to copy/past things in a same web page, it’s possible. Please send me the details and the url by email, from my codecanyon profile .


Hi loopus,

Great plugin, I am looking for something similar and wanted to know if this plugin can do the following before i purchase:

1) Instead of mouse click or right click all icons would load up automatically when the page is loaded.

2) Customize exact positioning of each icon around an image.

3) Support on IOS and Android

4) Load up the tooltip faster upon mouse over or always have tooltip showing.

5) Do you offer custom coding support on demand?

Thank you Patrick


1) Yes, you can show menu on start with this function : $(’#target’).data(‘liveMenu’).showMenu();

2) No, icons are automaticly positionned around the target (with circle layout) .

3) Yes, it works on IOS and Android

4) You can change tooltip show speed like this :
     tooltip: {
         speed: 100 // speed in ms

5) Generally yes, but I do not have time currently, sorry .


I just buy this and I hope this help me in my project.

Thank you so much, I’ll tell you how it goes :)

It’s done!

I’m a happy customer, It was a little hard to make this work on my project, Just tweek a little the original css.

Also, is important to me the no minify source. But looks like is not required for me right now.

Awesome job with the tool tip, excelent, I’m so happy with that, perfect! I adapt the tooltip and looks cool on my site.

The number of menu icons is superb. You just help me a lot. If I succeed in my project I will give you some credit.

5 stars from me.

Keep the good work.

BTW, you need to work with the documentation.

Thank you for making this plugin man!

Thank you very much dude :)

On the demo of your left-click menu, you show a “Share via Email” link. Does that actually work with the local email client (such as Outlook)? Ultimately, I’m hosting several pdf docs on my site and I want to be able to right(or left) click on them and be able to “Share via Email” and have said document attach itself to an Outlook email and send. Can your plugin do that?


No, it’s just an example. The link isn’t working .


Hi, I think that your plugin is really great and serves a great need at a time when we are creating more fluid type sites and networks. I am not a great programmer, kind of beginning out and liking jquery plugins,

So I am having a little trouble implementing this plugin into my site, where I have a few other items coming together. I have another photo gallery that uses java script and a van menu that uses a lot of css3 features. I can get your plugin to work on its own, easily, but once I through it in with my other features, it gets blocked out in the background. Like it cant get through the containers of these other items, I have been trying everything to try to get this to function properly, and it has been three days, and I am asking for help, It would be greatly appreciated. I really would like to offer your plugin to give different options to all my links on my homepage, including the pictures in the gallery. Unfortunately I am a beginner so if there is anyway to grab a step by step instruction, including any css I should change, in your files or the files that I am trying to join up with? The more detailed would help, and it would be horribly appreciated. I can provide any additional information that you might need to possibly help. I thank you very much for your time. My email is at

Hello, Can I define all page or I must define a part of page ” target area ” ?

You can define all page, using $(“body”) as target .


Hoe you can help.

On demo 1, how do we make the radius of the button display wider so that individual buttons do not overlap, thanks

Simply using the parameter menuSize :
   menuSize: 250,   // radius 

Hi, are you planning an update to this awesome code? or is there a way to convert this library to javascript only without dependencies? Thanks

No, sorry, there is no such update planned for now. I note the suggestion, thank you !


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