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Hello I have like 30+ items in the banner but the scroll speed has increased. How can I make it slow?

I have same issue with chrome. Please fix it.

Having issues with the slider making my whole page disappear. I’ve tried a gazillion things, and am beginning to get frustrated :( Maybe I’ve missed something stupid… please help?

site: http://dmwmartialarts.azurewebsites.net/


i took a quick look at your page, i think there’s a css class name conflict with your page, the class content-box is used in my file as well as in your page. Try changing the class name in your page and see if that works out.

I’ve been meaning to update some of my class names too to be less generic when i do a code cleanup on this file soon.

Hi Webtako

I’m sure you’ve noticed people have said the scroller is not working in Chrome. Do you have plans to fix this?

Cheers Alex

if you are talking about the mouseover for chrome, it was fixed i believe end of last month, redownload it if you haven’t already.

Thanks very much that worked.

By the way, I think your online demo version needs updating because that also has the same problem with Chrome.


How do you contain the rotator in a container so when you view in dreamweaver it does not take up two pages. The rotator collapses to the image size in live view, but when you edit it it shows up expanded on two pages? help please.

Hi, I want to purchase your plugin and integrate it in my site that uses 960 responsive grid will I need to edit anything or just put it within my container div.

How can I remove the black box over the image slide?

Thank you.

I mean the play button. I used < playButton:’false’ > but it doesn’t disappear…

if you open up the index.html from the downloaded zip, you’ll see all the display flags you can toggle true/false for each of the components

Done! Thank you very much.

sorry for multiple post – still figuring out this site.

sorry for multiple post – still figuring out this site.

sorry for multiple post – still figuring out this site.

Does the jQuery List Style Rotator support dynamic content that is populated via PHP?

For example everything within the beginning <div class="thumbnails"> <ul> and to the closing <code /></ul> </div></code> would need to be consistent without any unique "id, class or style" per record, so as to allow the content to be populated by dynamic content using if statement variables. Thanks.

Hello! Is possible activate the scroll only for the list items and not in all slider?

scroll_type:”mouse_click”, mousewheel_scroll:false,


Hello, is this the “jQuery List Style Rotator” is responsive? Best regards

If I wanted to embed a youtube video in one of the side is that possible and how would I go about doing that?