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Any update on the fix for IE Browsers? Would love to use this but have to wait till that piece is done.

I’d like to pay for the extended license but I’m noticing it doesn’t work in IE.

I hear from the other comments you’re working on something but I’d like to know when you’ll have an update, otherwise I’ll have to build my own script.


I’d like to pay for the extended license but I’m noticing it doesn’t work in IE.

I hear from the other comments you’re working on something but I’d like to know when you’ll have an update, otherwise I’ll have to build my own script.


Are you still providing support on this thing? It’s conflicting with colorbox

Hello, if it is possible, to load a *.php file? Or only *.html files?

IT DOESN ’T WORK IN IE …. Maldita sea….

Unfortunately I bought this then realized it doesn’t work in IE8 . 28% of my visitors use IE8 . It is advertised as IE8 and IE9 . Please update.

How can I refund you?

Hi Jackie8,

I bought this and realized there are issues with IE.

Do you have updated version? If not can you please refund the money..

unfortunately i did not read the comments before buying this item.

Any plans to fix this? Such a great plugin but sure is a bummer to not be able to use it in IE at all.

ThemeForest seems this should be taken down if he isn’t going to fix it.

It looks really great. But how can i make this out of it: - When i put this script up on my site, and i add some importan information, then soon as a visitor visits, it pops up, then he click ‘Close’ and it won’t popup on next visit, like caches it?

Please remove this script from saying it is supported in IE9 , as it does not work in IE9 , and looks like you have had 10 months to fix the problem.

Like many of the comments above, I purchased this, under the impression that it worked in all the browsers you claimed it did.

It does appear some versions work in IE9 , but all do not, specifically the Ajax one that I was going to use.

I don’t know about most others on CodeCanyon, but anything that isn’t compatible in all popular browsers is completely worthless to me. It’s hard enough to ensure that they continue to work after new versions come out, but really, scripts need to AT LEAST work on all popular browsers at the time of the scripts release IMO .

Anyhow guys. I think let us try fixing this issue. the plugin is great. I tested on ie 8 and it failed like everyone else has tried. Then i started debugging using the ie js debugger. Open up the development version of the script : you will see a condition ” lightbox.settings.override ” at almost the top of the file. that condition overrides the inbuilt alert popup. i don’t really know why it is failing, but its the no 1 cause of problems. i put in a hook to test if IE and then skip using it for now. in case i want an alert, i can construct one using the other plugin code. The other cause of problems is the declaration buttons = ’’; i think ie is a little strict on declarations. it was returning something like the object does not support certain operations. i changed the declaration to var buttons = ’’; note that i added var to explicitly declare it as a variable. There after everything was fine. But the problem of absolute position popped up or so i think. the box shows up but at the bottom left of the page. i think this is a css issue and am still trying to figure it out but everything else is as promised. thou if someone can quickly point to an answer on positioning we will have this problem solved permanently and enjoy the nice plugin.

I think i figured out the position issue. a fix that is compliant across all browsers. in the plugin css file for the class #lightbox i added top: 0; left: 0; this is to ensure the starting position is at top left position of the browser window. This place the box in the top left page on ie. this did not affect other browser positioning because the plugin SizeUp function was computing the center position correctly. but ie will not compute it correctly or will do nothing with that function. i tested with static values of top: 200px; left: 200px; in the sizeup function of the plugin. the box was positioned at that location. Now it should be easy to google around and find a proper way of computing position of the box that is acceptable by all browsers or just use a test for client browser and render a logic for ie computation separately. the plugin is now great.

I think the alert override can also be fixed by replacing all the code in the ” lightbox.settings.override ” condition with this code window.alert = function alert(val) { lightbox.alert({ title: ‘Alert’, text: val, rightButtons: [‘OK’] }); }

Note: i talked about the alert override in my first discussion item on this plugin, you can refer to it just to get a background if lost.

There after the alert override will work across all browsers. i tested with chrome and ie8 . i have not tested with the rest but i believe it should be fine.

I should have just written one comment instead of several on the same subject. This is the final piece on getting the the plugin IE 8 ready, i guess this will mean IE 9 too and maybe IE 6 . Note i have not tested on IE6 & IE 9 . Problem: after doing the fixes in my previous comments. we had a positioning problem. on chrome & firefox. positioning is ok. on IE 8 the position is top left corner. Fix : go to the plugin script. look for SizeUp function, replace window.innerHeight with $(window).height() and you also replace window.innerWidth with $(window).width() . Save and run again. the plugin will be so perfect. You can also replace something like parseInt((lb.css(‘width’)).replace(‘px’, ’’)) with lb.width() & the same for the height and you will be fine too. Note: it does loose some of the css3 properties in IE but it will work. To fix the CSS3 properties go to http://css3pie.com/ . learn how to use that trick to enable css3 properties work well in IE.

This does not work in IE, even after applying your fixes you have posted. Please provide us with the actual files (.js files) that work properly.


Nvm, missed on of the fixes listed above…

can I type an message in the box and button move the user to another page ?