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Can you provide more informations ? About payment gateway (Bank Transfert, PayPal, Google Checkout).

Your script can be translated ?

But it is ready for any checkout process.

Hi! Now it was constructed just for custom checkout process.

I’ve buy it but it’s not a true shopping, it’s just some code for demonstration only. There are no admin place, impossible to add products, no checkout, etc… What’s this script really do ?

It has no admin place because this just client-side functionality, product page must be generated by server in way that I suggested. My plugin add interaction and ajax functionality to shopping cart. Your site must have product list pages and product detail pages (or not) for each product and when you add some products to shopping cart from this pages than they appears on basket page (generated by your server-side functionality).

Seems like it is just a theme!

But there is nothing like: hovering over the thumbnail to see a larger image, or hover over the description to see more of it… I don’t know just needs more!

Also, If you empty the cart, and refresh the screen it just RELOADS THE CART

So this doesn’t appear to be a shopping cart, where are the products to add to your cart?

You can’t have ALL your products added to the cart and then have people customse the products and checkout! Lol

It is just a Shopping Cart plugin, that you could add to your working shop where your shopping cart every action do via page reload and have no ajax.

“But there is nothing like: hovering over the thumbnail to see a larger image, or hover over the description to see more of it” – Yes there is no this functionality on my plugin and I think that it is useless for basket page.

“where are the products to add to your cart” – there are several types of pages on each shop: product list page, product detail page and shopping basket page. If you investigate this issue on other popular shops – you see that you could add products on product list pages or product detail pages.

Hi, I have seen your demo. its More Like a Theme. How it actually works? how it sends checkout call? Try: It might be usefull

Thanks for your response.


In Europe you write 0,00 not 0.00 how can I change this?

High, you have to write additional functionality, that will replace dot with comma when you show result numbers in html and that will change comma with dot when take numbers from html and do with them all needed calculations.

Hello, Got It, with some PHP I got It working. Do you want the PHP class, so you can provide It when people have tje same question ?

Thanks a lot! But this is just the javascript plugin and if I add server side it will conflict with main idea, and the main idea is that developers could use it not only with php, but with nodejs, .NET, java of some other server side language. Thank you very much for your response!!))))

I am making a shopping cart using jquery mobile and phonegap.Will this plugin works with Jquery mobile

It will work!

I would like to modify the sizes select box to include a value that adjusts the price ie small is $50 and xxxlarge is $95 .. whilst i have made the adjustments .. on change is not auto updating the price – i have to change the Qty to 0 and back to 1 to show the updated price .. can you point me in the right direction to solve this problem

Same problem as webraid.

demo not working

can you help me with the demo URL so i can try

Hi demo URL doesn’t really work. Is there a backend for admin? Is there a live one we can play with products?

Do you have a layout for the continue shopping page? and a payment gateway example. I did buy the script, all i see is a shopping cart with ready selected products.. The help files don’t help either. I don/t just need a cart with selected products i need a store. I also did email you but you haven’t replied either.

Is it possible to use this as a stand-alone application (without connecting it to a shopping system or database)?

i like it as is… i only have five items for sale… and… do not want a shopping system… i am looking for a simple form with the items, desc. and price listed… which allows the user to add, remove and change quantities of those five items… which will automatically update the sub total and total… then checkout to Paypal.

As i said i love the way your script works. Before purchasing… i just want to be certain that it is not pulling from a database, items can be edited in HTML and i can connect the checkout button to submit the info to PayPal. Let me know if this is possible.

hey dude can give some help here and answer my posts!??

nice looking cart


1. any update to bootstrap 3… ? 2. any documentation available? we have to integrate into our existing bootstrap 3 files

thank you

is it possible to pass card content to session varibles on php or any other coding language? So instead of sending to paypal we can sent to our own checkout page and mail the card content with name surname address?