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Thanks mate

Great plugin!


It looks good but before buying I have some concerns. I want to use this for my ecommerce website.

Is it possible that for going to directly subcategory which has already subsubcategory without slide? For example when I want to go subcategory I click to ‘>’ image but if I want to exactly to Mobile category just click the category. Is it possible? or maybe different alternatives

Yes, That is possible, but you need to add an id to that certain list item you want to start from, and pass that id to the plugin initialization method

Is it possible to use arrow keys to move the focus bar and press enter to go the the sub-menu? thank you

That is possible with a few changes in the CSS . I will update the files in 1-2 days

Will it go Horizontal? CAn i set my own images for the buttons?

Hi, Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean. Regarding the graphics, there is a psd design included, where you can edit them.

Slashc, ok understand i can edit the design thats great. So would I be able to place it hoizontaly?


That is not possible, I am sorry

bummer :( thanks for the response. I really like the contorl it looks very good. you did a great job.

man, bought this thing, added in my customer, now because a category have dozens of sub-categories, the main menu have a huge empty hole, isn’t there a way the menu sizes vertically automatically based in its current content??

as like it is this will be wasted money, as it wont work in the real world

Hi there,

considering buying this menu for our site. Absolutely love it. Exactly what I was looking for.

I have two questions if possible. I hope they will be helpful for others also.

1) compatibility is set at ie8. I have tested the demo in ie7 & ie6 and it seems to work. Its not as pretty but function wise it seems to work. Could you comment in this? Is there any issues stopping you from listing these other IE versions?

2)I like the fact that the height of the menu is fixed. I would prefer this, as I find menus that dynamically re-size vertically to fit new menu options, tedious and have seen very few real world implementations. But what if the menu options need to be greater than the set height or screen height? Would you say it would be easy enough to add scrollbar overflow to the list to scroll up and down within DIV ? How hard would you think it would be to add something like the iScroll functionality to the DIV on our site?

Thanks pete

Thanks for designing and sharing – very nice

hello i purchased the menu is fantastic but I would like to ask you a favor. I would like to add a back button under the menu item

is possible, can you help?

hello i purchased the menu is fantastic but I would like to ask you a favor. I would like to add a back button under the menu item

is possible, can you help? exemple

Hi, In your example provided with the menu, I added the following to check if the menu keeps its position when passing “liID” . The menu does load in the correct position but it does not show any of the menu items under that id, also the home and back buttons do not respond in that case.


var menu=$(’.slashc-sliding-menu’).slashcSlidingMenu(‘init’,’myid’);

$(’.slashc-sliding-menu-back’).click(function(){ menu.slashcSlidingMenu(‘goBack’); });

$(’.slashc-sliding-menu-home’).click(function(){ menu.slashcSlidingMenu(‘goHome’); });

HTML : ...
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    thanks looking forward for your response.

    I have a question regarding way of passing a varilable to the code to go back to a sub directory (example being when I send the page with the menu to another person via a url link I like to keep the id in the url so they can start from a submenu. Is it already build in to handle that?

    Hi slashc, is it possible not to return to the main menu once you select a sub menu?

    Hello, I’m interested in this script but as I understood from comments;

    1. There is an auto-height problem. Which makes the whole thing useless. 2. I guess you are not supporting this product anymore. Your last reply was 9 months ago.

    If I’m mistaken please let me know, I am looking for such menu and so far this is the only one in CodeCanyon.

    Hello I just bought it . nice of work. can you advice me one thing. how I can change navigation with page load

    i have a prepurchased question this plugin can use in wordpress Visual composer Thanks i will wait your answer Bye Best Regards