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This makes a site really slow / choppy to scroll on if you load too many images..Is this just me?

If not specifying the image width and height, the preloader makes the .preloader div exactly ten times big as the image really is. Is this known?

Best regards, indiapart.


Sorry for long wait time for my reply.. Thank you for this information, I’ll try to make updates for this script..

Cheers, Lukasz

So is display none enough to stop the image from loading ?

I tested your demo with FireBug (firefox extension) and i found that you have 404 errors in your plugin. Thats maybe the reason that its so slow.


Sorry for long wait time for my reply. I also tested the script with FireBug, but I don’t found any errors. So, please send me a screenshot with errors.

Thanks. Lukasz

Just bought this, trying to use it in a dynamic enviorment where the image sizes change. No luck, the “auto image size” doesnt work.

Please contact me via mail. I’ll help you ;)

Hi Lukasz,

thx for great script, I have photos with defferent width, so I setup width: 0 that’s fine, but the problem is that I would like to get photos CENTERED . What I mean. My DIV is 1000px, ma photos around 600-800 and they have to stay centered. I tried to modify you script a little bit: box.css({“display”: “block”, “width”: 1000, “text-align”: “center”, “z-index”: 10 });

So now photos are fine CENTERED but the problem is that preloader starts from left side, and is not centered from the beginning.

Any help ?

Ok. I sorted it out. Centered photos.

1. In preloader_Develop.js I changed:

//Link CSS
        "display": "block",
        "width": 1000,            
        "text-align": "center",            
        "z-index": 10
//Set sizes
    height    : (settings.Height) ? settings.Height : thisImage.attr("height")+2,
    width    : (settings.Width) ? thisImage.attr("Width", settings.Width) : thisImage.attr("width", thisImage.attr("width")),

2. in css .preloader { position:relative; text-align:center; } and removed #ffffff from preloader style

3. in HTML – a href=”#” replace to “a”

That’s it!