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can i setup a different link for every image? thank you

Are you referring to launching a link or setting the source parameter for the image ?

launching a link

You can easily enclose the two images inside an anchor tag

This is a great script. Do you have instructions available for adding slider functionality? I would like to move from slide to slide and be able to zoom into each slide.

I would also be interested in slider functionality – would it be easy to integrate this with a jquery slider?

Great work! Congrats

It is possible to make the image fullscreen? or maybe 1920×1080?


I ran into problems when using this plugin on a page-elemt loaded via ajax. But I couldn’t reproduce the errors each and every time. When I use the plugin for the same page, loaded as normal page (not using ajax) it works like a charm. Do you have any ideas how I can force to reinitialize the slashcImgZoomPan() on an event like the onLoad event of the flowplayer-tools overlay plugin ( Something like .live() or .bind() or so…somewhere..?

Thank you!

This is an excellent plugin! Please keep it updated for future versions of jQuery! Thanks, B

can we change mouseover efect to on click?

Am i able to add captions to appear on hover?

Hi, it works also for responsive images (100% scalable width, auto height), or only with fixed dimensions? thank you

Is there a way to include image maps with links on an image?

I just get the code I’ll write a report when everything goes well.

Can the effect be triggered via click instead of hover?