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Hey there,

In the next couple of weeks I will be looking to build a WordPress site as a favour for a friend. He wants a small community, so I will be using BuddyPress to create this. There are extensions for BuddyPress to make albums, etc., but nothing that has the functionality you offer with this script.

Would I be able to use this script together with an album plugin for BuddyPress? If so, easily enough, as I am by no means a savvy coder.


Hey there Symmetry,

It should be possible but there are many plugins for WP or BuddyPress and from case to case one might need to know a little scripting to join things together. Some server side will be needed as well for creating the persistence of tags.

Howsoever, if you specify the plugin you are willing to use, I will be able to help you out.

Good luck with your project!

Great but it would be much much slicker if the popup is a css modal instead of a JS popup

The popup it self is just a way to input the tag word. It can be anything from a js popup to a input html element.

But if you mention it, I will add a couple of different ways/views for adding the tags.

Thank you for the comment and for the idea :)

Hi guys,

i just purchased the jqwery-image-tagger. Im having problems with activating it after iv installed it. It keeps on saying that the plugin does not have a valid header.

Your help would be much appreciated


Sory for the latency. Can you please describe your issue? It does not sound as a java script error.

Hi all,

First of all thank you for this great script. I’m currently working a small project where we use the tagger to judge designs. At this moment i’m having trouble to get the script to work in FireFox. The tagging doesn’t start at all. It works great in IE

http:// gejoel . digitales . nl

Hello arjenklijs,

I have just tested in FF and it looks like it works fine.

Do you get any articular error?

Thank you!

Do you have any plans to make it work with Jquery 1.7, we are using this on a wordpress front end and it calls jquery 1.7, we had to change it to 1.6 to make the tag code work…all is fine, but worried about future updates that may make user of 1.7.

Thank you, Steve

It should work just fine with versions of jQuery higher than the original. Did you have any trouble with jQuery 1.7?

your demo doesnt seem to be working?

Please specify the details of what is not working., the browser you are using and what exactly is wrong. I Thank you!

It isn’t saving the data. Am I missing something?

Great work! I like it