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really nice! but can i ask why is it only one dollar? i am not complaining i am just curious :)

Thanks. I guess it’s not a very complex script

it’s nice, but it would be better if it has something like prettyphoto added to it so it can show images in big size also !

I agree! If it has an image opening script added to it I’m sure you can charge more for it as well :-)

I just bought it, thanks! I was wondering, is this plugin dependant on the width/height of the images being the same for all? I would like to add varied size width/fixed height using this plugin.

Thanks in advance, Lorena

$1! great price, one question is it possible to add pretty photo with this? if yes then how?

Can I add a youtube /vimeo video instead of the photo?

Looks good! :) Firstly i’ll have to take a loan out of the bank to pay for it. :D Very pricey :sarcasm:

is it possible to move it with mouse scroll?

No it’s not possible :(

yep totaly agree.. such a shame to have such a large sum for this… DUH .. great plugin and nice to ask such a nice price! thank you!!!

Hi! Thanks for your plugin! Awesome.. Is it possible change some parameters to have a vertical version with horizontal cursor? I’m spending a lot of time searching for this option!

Hope you can help me! Good job

Is there an easy way to adjust the width of this?

Also wondering if there is an auto play options also.

Nice Item. GL