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Hi, could be useful to add the default image if the option has the selected attribute, I’ve changed some lines at 55-56 and 72.

So it’s a very nice and useful jquery plugin thanks

hmm…. I’d think that the simpler method would be just to place the default selected option as the first one (as is done for regular select inputs) – but it is definitely worth consideration. Thanks Alot!

How do I scale larger images down so they look like thumbnails? I have large images and I need them to scale so you can see them properly.

Thanks for you purchase, But sorry, resizing images on the fly is beyond the scope of this plugin. This would require either a photo editor, which could re-size thumbnails, like Photoshop, or a php class to re-size images and save them to a folder, which I currently use. Contact me @ obcitydesigns@gmail.com if that sound like the path you want to go. Thanks again.

Can’t i just do it with CSS ? I mean I really dont want thumbnails of my images, I just want to display my large images as smaller in the jQuery image Select.

Hi! does it support ajax image loading?

Sorry, not at this point. Will consider making the addition though.

Hi – live preview seems to be offline, could you check this – thanks

Thank you for this great script!

I also had to do the same modifications as Italyphp to pre-select the option with the selected attribute. I think it would be a good to have this functionality out-of-the-box.

Thanks a lot!! Will definitely consider.

I’m getting the dreaded “TypeError: $(...).obImageSelect is not a function” even though in firebug it says obimageselect.js is loading (and jquery before it). Any ideas?

ok fixed that error. Now I need help to figure out how to take my image that is selected and make it the background of another div (a preview).
<td id="selectStationery"> 
            <select class="seablue" name="selectedImage">
                <option value="christmas" data-image="images/stationery/tooltips/christmastooltip.png">Christmas</option>....... </td>
For my js I have:
        $('.seablue').click(function() {
             alert("img is " + img);
$("#preview").css('background-image:url(' + img + ") center no-repeat;");.....

But this is not working. Please let me know how I can grab the image name that is selected (as it’s selected) and dynamically update another div.

Sorry for the untimely response, unfortunately their is no built in way to go about doing this, though you can use the following examples to grab the selected image on select
/* get the double click */
/* get the save click */        

I’m interested in purchasing this, however I noticed that the “Preview” works well in firefox, but it breaks down in I.E 9.0 the select images pop-up expands horizontally and when you select an image it drops down vertically, so behavior is erratic.

Also tried on iOS iphone 5 (on safari) device, and “save” button does not appear only prev, next and cancel.

Any plans on fixing these?

Thanks -Anthony

Your demo is not working, where can I check it before I buy?

Really beautiful :)