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This gallery has most of what I need, but just a question is there any way to add a zoom to this gallery? (ex. CloudZoom) or no?

Thanks for any answer


Great script! Just bought it and happy so far…

I was wondering if it is possible to also add videos in this gallery? Maybe even embedded Youtube? Then youtube could handle autoplay on it and stuff…

This would be truly helpful!



is compatible with wordpress using a shorcode <?php> to put in a template.php ??

wait for the answer. thanks

This is a great script. Only issue I have is that it’s not possible to access the play button slideshow control on an iPad or iPhone.

If this can be addressed, please let me know.

I like this library but before I purchased I have one question. Does this library integrate with Flickr? My users are uploading photos to my Flicker account and I want a way to connect to flickr and load those photo galleries to my website using this library. I look forward hearing from you.

Does the gallery support autoplay when you load the page the gallery is embedded in?

Hi, :)

1.Is This gallery can use in WordPress 3.5.1?

2.Is This gallery have custom resize?

3.Can I put it in the content?

I see where this is tagged as auto play. I have purchased it but can’t get it to auto play. Does anyone know how to get it to auto play?

Would love this gallery even more if I had an option to disable the thumbnails altogether.

I have purchased this item but I have the same issue than colemab, can’t get it to auto play, any solution??

Is this slider compatible with wordpress?

Hi I get “Stack overflow at line: 0” when the gallery is loading in IE7/8, but after I click ok it looks fine afterward. Am I doing something wrong or I have too many pictures?

Does any one know how to open the images in lightbox?


I love this plug. One question before purchase though. Does it allow “autoplay” once they come to it? Instead of having to click on the ‘play’ button.

Found this script, ready to buy it, then checked comments just to be sure: looks like the author doesn’t answer sales/support questions. Shame. Went with RoyalSlider, instead.

hi, i need to move the timer to the bottom under the thumbnails carousel exactly like in screen shot 2. any help?

Hi, Is this script compatible in touch devices? I need swipe to move next image. Is this possible?

hi 1.is that resposive? 2. i can make a href for each image?