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How do I change font family. I want to use “Helvetica Neue”, “Lust Pro No5”, “Universe”, etc.. for my different pages. Please help me how can I change this font? Thanks.

“The tool comes with two sets of curves with limited number of symbols”.

“The tool features two sets of symbols – one similar to Verdana font, and another one with more calligraphic look.”

Hi Author,

I am facing difficulty in increasing the speed of the writing. Is there any possible way to change the font family?

I am building a website, where people take different courses, So, I am using this library to depict course content as somebody is writing. Since it is too slow that it will take too much time for them to read the sentences. The whole point of using this library to mimic human writing effect on our the course content.

This is the URL to check the functioning the library in mine project.

Username: password: 123456


Hello, Thank you for the purchase. In order to speed up the animation you can set two parameters:

jQuery(’.handwritingSIMPLE’).HandWriting({ letter_steps: 3, steps_between_letters: 3 });

The smaller the numbers the faster the animation. So try instead of 3 to use 2 or 1.

There are no fonts really. I created all the symbols from scratch and have two sets of symbols (85 each) as explained in the description and in the documentation.

Here is a link to documentation:

Hi, The pen struck at the second line. Sometimes on after few words. I have a huge paragraph with line breaks. It is not working for that situation.

Also, Increasing width and height dynamically of the canvas not seems to be working.

can you please suggest any tool where I can create this xml file.

Any other suggestions. I need to implement this of the course website.

Hi. I bought your plugin and I want to congratulate you for your work. One question, though: how can I destroy your plugin instance?

Thank you in advance.

Hello, I will need some time to check everything. Will write you back today.

Thank you, I am waiting for your reply.

The tool creates some canvas elements in the selected div and runs some setIntervals which get cleared at the end of animation. I think that if the created elements get cleared that will remove all traces from the affected div:

var hw_mc = jQuery(’#merry_christmas’).HandWriting({ ... ... ... complete: function(){ hw_mc.empty(); } });

Other than that (but I guess you already know that) you can use the

replay: false, wait_after_finish_duration: 1000, finish_effect: ‘fade’,

which will fade out the added elements 1 sec after finish.

HI Dear,

I am looking for something similar to this tool, but i have a bit different scenario. Do you offer modification services and can we have a word on skype so that we can discuss it further.