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why does this look like a complete rip off of the other control on here

Sorry but don’t know why you think like this.. i made this control with the help of html, css and javascript.

where is gridview source code??

Don’t be sad.. i can help you in whatever you want. let me contact from my profile contact page. i will do my best for your requirements fulfill.

okay. kindly let me know how to show view, edit, update & delete button inside gridview??

You can show and hide edit, update, view and delete buttons using allowDeleting=”true” allowView=”true” allowEditing=”true” attributes.

Can I assign a SQL Server 2012 datatable too? Work in server side and/or client side?

Yes.. this can work with sql server 2012. Actually you need to give only DataTable to this grid in asp.net code..

One more thing this only support c#.net not vb.net

I’m assuming this is for Web Applications? What advantage is there in using your plugin over the existing Datatables.Net solution with a few added helpers?

From what I can tell, if I use your plugin, I have no control over the source and as a developer if I need to make changes that’s not good.

Yes you are right this is for web application. Main benefit is this is easy to use for normal purpose. You just have to assign data table. But for complex requirements you can not modify this control.

Thanks for posting over here.

hi please help how to use the grid thanks

Hi I can send you demo code for using this grid view.

Thank-you yes please do

Very Nice Work

Thank you

Hi, Can I change language to Arabic and using as RTL? Thank you

No, I haven’t implement RTL.

hi, I have purchased this project, how to code on c# add, edit and delete buttons connected with sql server?

Hi Agustin, I have shared full demo code in your email.. let me know if you have any issue.