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I have a logo inside a column and the bg behind the logo is black. Where can I make the bg behind the content in the column white?? I have looked over the css and tired changing a lot of #000’s to #fff’s and I still cant find it! Help!

Hello Webtako,

Is is possible to add the newest blog post automatically in this slider?


Hi, I just bought your slider, I followed the first steps in the documentation just to make sure it works, when I run it, the images don’t show. What wrong? I am using the jQuery and I am trying to integrate it into yii2. Any help will be appreciated t

Thanks Leo

Hello i’ve to include our jquery slider in a smarty site please what is the best way to do thet Thanks

How i can set border width to 0 for gs-wrapper class

Hello, I have two questions: how can we, on the mose over, change the image, and how can we l}make a link in the image?, thank you

other important question: this slider works in joomla 3?

I have downloaded the package and tried to install it on wordpress but got this meesage:

Installing Plugin from uploaded file: codecanyon-1204040-jquery-grid-style-slider.zip

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Return to Plugins page

I tried again to download it and again uploaded only to get the same message. Any thoughts?

Has anyone had luck installing and making this plugin work? Is there usage documentation when you purchase the plugin? Up to what version of WordPress have you had success with this?

Nice grid slider! I have just two questions (1) Can I make the slider auto scroll without having to click “play button?” in fact, I do not want “play button” but I want it to auto scroll, possible? (2) Can I also place the slider in a width of say 760px (I do not want it to be responsive when its 760px anyway) or it must 100% width?

is it possible to have the caption center aligned to the images?

As it seems that there is no support/reply from the author, could anyone tell me if also the source code is provided in order to fix bugs and add customization?