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Easy to change and use. Excellent!!!
Thank You

thank you for purchase :)

Excellent Update!! Thank You

Hi Equipex,

i am glad you like my product and i’ll keep improving as much as i can =)

Cheers, Kotzilla

Looks really promissing, just downloaded it, and really impressed with the documentation you put there.

Hi jordy12345

Thank you very much

I am using your script in a login system. Your script is wonderful. I suggest a new product, a generator form the database, to generate code automatically com bootstrap.
Your code (and DOC) is simple, clear, objective and easy to understand and adapt.

Hi, Equipexq

Thank you for your suggestion but now im working on second product already. your idea sounds good i will consider it after my next product ;)

Cheers, Kotzilla

Looks nice but I could not get the demo to work in safari even after removing the frame.

i’ll take a look and update asap.

Cheers, Kotzilla

I have been looking for a decent form that wasn’t to fancy but got the work done. I must say that based on your documentation alone and how you laid out all the info for buyers to see has sold me. I am purchasing now.

Super Thanks, Cheipel1

Please change line 115 in jquery.exform.js from




Otherwise the script is not no conflict safe.


Thank you, i’ll update real soon

Does this script have an in built form to mail class to handle uploads processing to email box instead of database ?

Hi Webrelated

This Plugin is only validation data but not include email class but I am thinking about add email class into it.

if you need any help about sending email i can help you, just email me =)

Thank you i would appreciate it, i am sending you a PM right now :)

how big is the js.file?

All JS file is about 300K including jQuery only my JS is 65K

I’m trying to use the php-submit.php form but I want to use the mathematical problem instead of captcha. How do I implement it on the php-submit.php form?

yes, you can echo a value in input value attribute with <?php echo (isset($data[‘title’])) ? $data[‘title’] : ’’; ?>

for select you can loop each select value or put by single options like

<option value=”2”<?php echo (isset($data[‘department’]) && $data[‘department’] == $key) ? ’ selected=”selected”’ : null ;?>><?php echo $value ?></option>

for example you can take look on php-submit.php if have any question, feel free to ask.

When I say echo the value I mean echo the echo the value in the database. Let’s say I have a column also known as title. I want to echo that value using this script. How would I do that?

you should pass the variable data from DB into a $data normally i put like this

if ($_SERVER[“REQUEST_METHOD”] == “POST”) { $data = $validate->exportData(); } else { $data = $your_mysql_result }

then after you submit the validation class will handle it

Hi What platform can this form used in? HTML5 Joomla Wordpress Magento?

Let me know

Sorry for late reply, this from is use in HTML only but you can apply only javascript plugin with CMS

How is submitted the form? you know when he was sent a email?

Hi, Fotoruma

it’s depend on mail api you are using then you can detect mail send, this plug in not include send mail yet (i plan to add soon)

if more detail you can contact me via email

I have two forms on the same page (contact & sign up) can I still use this validator?

Hi Danmaxwell

yes you can use 2 forms in 1 page by use form id and call validation plugin with different form id Example

<form id=”contact”> // form elements </form>

<form id=”signup”> // form elements </form>

then you call

$(’#contact’).ezform({ //options });

$(’#signup’).ezform({ //options });

Hi, I would really like to buy this but see it was last updated in 2013. Is the code still okay to use as it is old?

Many thanks

yes it’s okay to use, i’ll update this package soon asap

This is how we can validate email using jQuery . Complete tutorial and demo http://www.phpcodify.com/jquery-email-validation-using-regex-expression/

karla31 Purchased

Hello, I bought the script because of the check for unique username and email. Do I understand that correctly, that the function is not in the Script nevertheless? Please help

yes it’s not include in product but it’s need to be in your script and return in json format with same field name.

example : email field should return like this

{ email: “this e-mail already in use.” }

if return nothing mean pass validation