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Doesnt work for me anymore :/ endless loading


Flickr hat eine kleine Aenderung im API vorgenommen und ein Fix wurde im Support Forum bereits zur Verfuegung gestellt. Ich warte immer noch darauf, dass Envato/CodeCanyon den Fix hier freischaltet, so dass es auch hier gedownloaded werden kann.


Okay, could you may send me the direct link to that fix? Thank you for the fast reply!

Can you contact me through my author’s page here on Envato so that I can get your email address?


Gallery not working anymore. You can see the folder thumb images but when clicking in it spins forever and not loading. Please advise!

Flickr made a change to its API and a new update has been released on 03/06/2015 already. Please …

a) Download the package again
b) Replace the main JS files on your server
c) Empty your browser cache

... and the gallery should be working again.


great thanks!

Hi there, my albums or pics aren’t loading. I just want pics out of one gallery to load straight away. Instead I have a blank box with a title of my album, which isn’t clickable, and that’s it.

Please help


please open a ticket in the support forum and provide a link to your page there, so I can take a closer look.


Thank you I have just opened a ticket.

I have a few Pre-Sales Questions (FYI, I will be integrating with WordPress)

1. Will the plugin automatically pull new Albums? My client will be adding new Albums weekly and they need to be reflected automatically on their website. It’d be a pain to manually have to input each album as it’s added.

2. When clicked, instead of pulling the images from Flickr, can the link go directly to the Flickr Album Page (in a new window, of course)?

3. I’m assuming the annoying “shake” affect on mouse over can be disabled, correct?

Here is a basic rundown of what I need the plugin to accomplish:

Load all Flickr Albums on page > When Album is clicked, go to the Album on Flickr in a new window



to answer your questions in order:

  1. New albums will automatically be pulled on next page load, provided the albums are set to public.
  2. That is not what the gallery script is designed for. The script is intended to view Flickr albums on an external website, so it will always pull the images inside an album, once an album has been selected from the overview. The individual album summary section includes a link back to the original Flickr page for the album.
  3. All hover effects can be disabled.


Hi Tekanewa,

Thanks for the quick response! 2 out of 3 isn’t bad, and I think my client will be happy with the result. Pulling the most recent galleries is the most critical function. If I have any other questions I’ll let you know.

Hi and thank you for your support.

I would like to know if the Gallery, once installed on the website, will automatically import pictures from Flickr ? Or will I have to add them manually each time I add new pictures to Flickr?

Thank you and best regards.


whenever you add new images to an existing album or create a brand new album on Flickr, the script will automatically pull those as well on the next page load (provided the album/photos are set to public).


Author’s Note:
As announced in my support forum for the last couple of weeks already, please note that due to a medical leave for “Tekanewa Scripts”, support will be at best severely limited or not available at all during the time from 05/09/2016 – 05/29/2016. Full support is scheduled to resume on 05/30/2016. For more information, visit here.

I apologize for the inconvenience but am hopeful that you will be understanding.

Thank you!

Tekanewa Scripts

Is there any option to download a picture?


no, the gallery does not have a built-in feature for that, other than the standard right-click “Save Image As” routine that is part of every browser.



ich habe mir eben das Script gekauft. Soweit funktioniert alles nur wenn ich die Fancy Box aktiviere, bekomme ich die Meldung:

jquery.fancybox-easing.js:46 Uncaught TypeError: jQuery.easing[jQuery.easing.def] is not a function

kann ich diese (außer aus dem aktuellen download package) noch irgend wo herunter laden? bzw. was kann ich machen damit diese funktioniert?

Gruß & Dank Reinhold


also erst mal danke für diese schnelle Antwort. Dein Hinweis hat mir schon gereicht. Es hing noch ein JS script von einem anderen Script drinnen welches ist übersehen habe. Es funktioniert nach dem entfernen des alten scriptes alles bestens.

Nochmals danke für die rasche Hilfe.

Gruß Reinhold

Super! Tickets die sich von selbst erledigen, sind mir immer noch die liebsten. :)


Glaub ich dir gerne :D

Sorry! The URL has been fixed and should be working now.