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Is there a back-end page to add the events and uploads of photos? Or is it hard coded in an editor and then uploaded?

You need to write down code for that. But it’s not too hard. You can do it with the basic of html. Sorry for the late reply. Thanks.

Did anyone every get anywhere with making sure the actual date boxes automatically move to the right day? I have Tah’s updated .js from about 9 months ago, and whilst the top nav bar show the right year and month, and the content shows correctly for today’s date, the date boxes scroller starts from the first data entry date regardless.

Is it possible to set all the days in a month as visible? I mean even those which don’t have any associated event. Thanks!

I want to use this event calendar on SharePoint. Will that work? Can you provide me sample so that I can test on Sharepoint

Love the calendar, however, like others, wanting to know how I can automate the “event selection” based on the current day of the user…please help. Thanks.

Hi there, Just bought this plugin and I really liekd it. But, I really have to change the date format from mm/dd/yyy to mm-dd-yyyy to make it work with my website. Please help.

What is the minimum version of jQuery needed for this? Thanks,

Hi is it possible to setup so that .dates-bar .prev or .next will got to next year when clicked?

So, is it possible to show current date by default or not? Really like this script and waiting for answer before i purchase it.

Hello, I love your calendar. I’m interested in using your jQuery Flat Event Calendar Responsive Timeline as part of our booking system dashboard plugin which will be free on wordpress.org? Would you be open to me using it in this capacity if I bought the extended license? Thanks so much!

I bought this script and would like to know if you have a version compatible with Bootstrap

Currently there’s no bootstrap version. But this one should work with bootstrap.


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Hello, Please how can i change the arrows icons