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Hello, the page with the demo can not be seen and shows 404 error, you can resolve to see it?

Sorry. I am working on restoring it. Thanks

Hi Robert,

In a previous comment you said ,,For integration with TinyMCE please check my other product that provides the same features.’‘

I did, but your TinyMCE 4 Image Manager (which looks great) supports only image uploads as far as I can see. I tried to upload non-image file types. Only .pdf was accepted, others like .docx, .xlsx, zip etc.. were not. I’m looking also for a file upload product that integrates with TinyMCE.

Hi, That product actually supports all file type but in the demo I have disabled other file types except for images and pdf for security.

Great! Gonna try that one. Thanks!

Got an issue that I can’t seem to work out. The way I have my system setup, all of the attachments that the user will select come from an /email_attachments folder. Because of that I don’t display the folder on the screen (because it will always be the same).

However, when the user clicks Select Attachment the first thing they see is a broken image because it can’t find the file in the current directory. Is there a way to make the folder “silent”?

Also is there a way to default the display to a list rather than thumbnails – since I’m dealing with PDFs?

Thanks in advance.

Hi I have a question: Is it possible in the script to set different Filemanager? For example: one for a folder ”... files / images”, another to another folder ”../files/audios”, etc. And all for the same form.

Thank you.

Not at the moment but I believe it is worth implement it. I will work on it for the next week or so. Thanks

I’ve sent you an support question ten days ago but haven’t received any answer yet.

I am using your source code. I combine it with easyui. But it is hidden when using windows box. Please guide me. Thumb:


kuntiz Purchased

Hello, the library is not listed after the image is uploaded. Why could it be ?

Could you please add support for remote Image URL Upload. Enter URL of image and image will be uploaded to the server and into the library?

Also some ideas for future version would be integration with Google DOCs, Dropbox, and others. Currently there are no open source libraries like this that have cloud storage support. All the cloud storage support libraries are paid 3rd part services like

I purchased it. on popup, uploaded image shows as an image icon instead of the image. can not find the reason. please help. thanks