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This is a great slider. Can I make the background transparent?

Hi danloffler,

I’ve just uploaded to CodeCanyon an f3D version that include transparent background option. It has to pass the reviewer’s test before revealing to all of you.

Anyway, if you can not wait I can send to you a PM with the update.


Hi Val,

Please send the new version. I promised my client that I would show the site today or tomorrow.



Hi again danloffler,

The updated version is already approved. You just need to download the packet and I hope your client will get his/her transparent background slider :)


I am a bit confused, you have two items for slae that apparantly do the same? One costs 5 dollars and the other (I bought) 15 dollars? Is there a difference or do you need both to get it working? Two versions can be seen on website demo: Can’t seem to get the 15 dollar version working at all. Tried everything, just keep getting the slide images statically shown on the page. PHP version is correct, PHP GD active. Now keep on getting this spinning ball (loading something I persume)

Could this be caused by them incompatibility?

Sorry, see the difference now, this one is javascript.

Hi again Valkilmar !

I’ve been dealing with your f3d slideshow very well so far.

I just have a few question (coming from my client ! ) : Is that possible to make to image freezing when its upfront ? Cause it’s moving slightly to give this amazing 3d effect but can we make the whole slideshow freeze when showing an image (for let’s say 5 secs) before everything re-animate to move to the next image/ video ?

I have another small question: I see that when I modify the browser windows width on your demo platform it re-start from the beginning auto-adapting to the window’s width. It is not the case on my website and the slideshow crashes. Do you know where does that come from ? should I try to re-install it ?

Thank you ! (you may still have the link to my dev platform if you look into your private message)

Hi DocFunky,

Concerning your first question I’m afraid at this stage there is no such an option :( The frontmost slide (and all others as well) freezes only when two conditions are met: 1. “hoverStop” option = true 2. Your mouse is over the slider

Anyway, I have a good news for you too. If you/your client insist, I’ll add this freezing option and will send you the updated version as PM. :)

Second question – could you please re-send me the link to your dev platform, so I could analyze the code and to see why it behaves not as expected.



This template no work in IE9

Hi gigor,

Please tell me why do you think so? According to my tests it’s working in IE9 +. The slider is working in IE8 as well, but at a very slow speed.


Could you please help? First of all, your work is amazing!

I already included in my website, but is something wrong in the loading. All images appear at the same time (one below the other) and some seconds later it loads the banner. What I’m making wrong?

Hi Naghirniac,

Thank You for the kind word about f3D! Please tell me the type (and version) of the browser you used when you saw this not normal behavior. I checked the link you’ve provided on Chrome (latest version), Firefox 12 and IE10 and everything about preloading seems fine.


hi, i’m using your slider… So far so good… But still have some small problems that I can’t finger out how to solve it. 1. Pause on hover, is it a bug or something like that, I can’t make it… Please reply as soon as possible, my project is kind of late. Thank you 2. Sometime, photos become small without any reasons. Normal, it’s still big as i respect. my developing website is:

Hi dinoenterprise! Just sent you a PM. By the way, if you don’t want the slider to pause on mouse-hover, just set “hoverStop” to false when calling the main initializing f3d method.


hi… recently i have bought this slider… i want remove the footer that is i want to increase the height of the slide…

Hi, You need to set four properties to FALSE when calling the main f3d method. Here they are: useControlPrev : false, useControlNext: false, useControlPlay: false, useControlPager : false

None of the upper will appear and you will have all available space for the slider itself.


we purchased your WP Slider.. and you are NOT responding to our comments and support and it is making our company LOOK bad.. please respond or we will be forced to leave negative comments about your support system …

Hi. I just purchased the 3D Slider and downloaded it. Sorry to ask such a basic question, but how do I start the program??

I figured out how to use but have a problem that the image shakes slightly on the page. Is there a way to stop that shaking without hovering with the mouse?

Hello, I would like to know if it will be possible when choosing the slide click over the image and be directed to a URL of what that concerns.

Also, is it possible to configure this slide to freeze the mouse when I am with my mouse over the choosen image?

Will it also work on mobile devices, such as iphone and ipads?

tks, Ricardo

Hi tonka3d, #1 question A: Yes it could be done, but current f3D version’s behavior is just to stop the slider. #2 question A: You should initialize the f3d slider instance with option: hoverStop : true #3 question A: I haven’t tested personally, but I have some users opinions who run f3d on mobile devices. One of them says that his slider looks better on his iPhone than on the laptop :)

Thanks for purchasing! Valentin

Hello Val,

I used your slider for a project and when resizing the window/browser, I don’t know why it doesn’t resize properly and mess up with the images. I’ll send you the link in Mp. Thank you very much and one again, good job with your slider, it’s really impressive :)

Thanks for create something so great!

2 quick questions:

1.- How can I make it load first in purple instead black? 2.- Is possible to make it smaller? specifically less height?

Thank you Very Much

Can I put 12 Slides?

hi, so great! I would buy this slider but I wonder if I could integrate this slider in my index.html thanks

dear. i purchased ur 3D plugins. purchase date 06th June 2014 and Item ID is 2227166. Now problem is when i integrated this plugins in my WP site that time i saw other pages showing blank. may be it is not integrated properly otherwise having problem in coding to adapt in WP site. Do you know where is the problem come from ? should I try to re-install it ?

I just paid for this, you took my money, but I cannot download this product. It still says purchase on my screen. Can I either get my money back or the download link

Can I add slides on the fly? (Dynamic Content)