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Wonderful plugin! Just wondering if there’s any way to incorporate a “Share” link and/or a “view on facebook” link?

The post title should already link to the post on Facebook. You could try to use that url and Facebooks share widgit to add a share button to each post. You would need to update an html template file. Look at template/story.ejs in the plugin folder.

Hello! This Error appears: events data retrieval error, here is what facebook has to say about your request: ->Invalid OAuth access token.

What should i do?


Have you generated an app token and placed it in your fb_app_token.html file and uploaded it to your server?

Ah – thanks.. My fault!

But now i receive this message: events data retrieval error, here is what facebook has to say about your request: ->(#803) Some of the aliases you requested do not exist: Toni-Bartl-Showconcept-291753537622430

What should i paste here: ‘facebookUser’: ‘Toni-Bartl-Showconcept-291753537622430’,??

This Page is the correct FB-Site:

And this is the Website:


Best, Daniel

You can test your user name here

You can get your user name here

Try testing your plugin with the username ‘natgeo’ that one should work if everything is installed correctly.

It doesn’t work with “natgeo”... Or something else…

All is installed correctly… say, that i only can get my username of the personal profile, not of this business page

Hi! I create the app, then i put de app id and de secret key, press “Retrieved..” and nothing… can u help me?

i ve purchased the plugin i dont know why dosnt show the label…

Yes, I sent you a private message.

Hi there! Some prepuchase questions: 1) The plugin wasn’t updated for 2 years, will it work well at the moment? (with new FB API version, graphs etc.) 2) If I want to display on my website only one post from FB page(not the last one), can I do that by post ID or something like that? 3) It is posiblle for visitors to comment on that post without accept app request if they are logged in on facebook in the same browser?

Sorry if some questions are stupid! Just want to know if the script will meet my needs. Thank You! :-)

1) Yes it works with the current graph api. The documentation for setting up the FB app is a bit dated, FB has changed their interface. There have been reports of the like button not working on newer versions of the api.

2) Its possible but you would need to do some custom coding. There are no options to selectively display posts by id.

3) No you have to accept the app if it is going to issue comments on your behalf.


I believe I have configured everything correctly, but I just see the loading bar repeat. I have read through many of your comments, but I am unable to identify where my problem is. Development is at Any help would be appreciated.


It doesnt look like you have properly retrieved an app token from Facebook. I’m not sure how you got this


Thank you for the clarification. I believe the app token is now setup correctly, but I still see the same error.

I appreciate your help with this. Thanks!

I have $7 left there will be some promo ? I have a wordpress version need php one.

I have $7 left on my account and i am asking if there will be some promotions in future for this plugin ? Btw i have a wordpress version of Your FB wall :) Now i need php one :P

Sorry there won’t be and promotions. There is no php version of the plugin. The jquery version of the plugin is inlcuded in the wp version of the plugin. Do know jQuery / javascript?

I know little about jQuery / javascript. So You tell me i can use the wp version to static html page that is not wordpress ?