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not working at all pls help

Some pages have different privacy settings. I would start by going in Facebook and updating the age restriction. You should have this at the lowest setting.

when i can still see zero

I don’t know what else to tell you other than give me your Facebook login but I don’t think I want that.

Hi there, what version of jQuery do you use for this plugin, please? I have jQuery 2.0.2 installed on my existing website. Will it conflict with your plugin? Thanks very much!

Its on 1.5. If you have any issues, we can resolve them.

Hi, do you have a Wordpress version of this?

Nope there isn’t a Wordpress version. Sorry.

Hello I purchased the script, indicating to insert latest jquery tag http://jquery.com/ from the site, but in my site certainly viè already installed, I still have to enter the same? or just insert script code purchased.

I entered the facebook page script opens but does not appear like the facebook button to put the like. Where am I wrong? Even in the demo that is included in the download button does not appear like facebook. Look urgency

Can you link me?

what happen after 30 days ? they user clicked on the like

It will show again. You can set it longer than that too!

can the it be transparent

Not without changing the css.

not working at all pls help

Sorry for the delay. Can you link me to your site? My email is nickalexanderrivers@gmail.com

Is this plugin still working?