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can this be easly integrated into any site?

what is necessary add? css/js and html markup? or only js?

Pretty sure this was stolen from here :bigevilgrin:

Why do you need to doubleclick on on the menu button on anything other than the homepage?

Is there a fix for this?

Dear, nice work. Would it work as an accordion, in other words it has second level menu. Thanks.

how can add a page?

First impressions last :D

Demo shows “loading page error” on all pages. How in the name of Pete can you expect anyone to buy something that doesn’t work in the demo???

How this crap made it to market is beyond me but it seems to be a regular thing around here…. Get your app working and THEN try and sell it.. If this is what you offer BEFORE the sale – I can only imagine your after sale support …. LMAO

Me – NEVER buying it.

Hi the navigation acting weird sometimes it goes to the next page and it comes back to the first page and some times it closes the browser and some times when you hit back it still shows the next page on the first page :( would you help please? these are the problem i saw on Iphone device

Lack of ANNY response over the last 7 months from the so called publisher means I WILL NOT be purchasing. All those who purchase and are not happy with it deserve a FULL refund of their hard earned cash.

Hi! I bought this today. But I am struggling to expand side menu about 30 menus. But I cannot expand it, it has limitation.

I need your help to increase and scrolling menus.

Please reply…

nice work! Keep it up!

How can I integrate into an iOS using xcode 5 ?

Amazing Work dude ;)